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How to Get Develop Job Portal?

How To Get Develop Job Portal

Are you a developer looking for the perfect job portal design or a businessperson searching for the characteristics of a job portal? If yes, you are in the right place. In the world of advanced internet technology, job portals are essential. Most students, workers and recruiters are leaning more towards online portals instead of old ritual application methods. Thereby, excellent job portal development is necessary for business, and we will guide you on how to do this.

Before starting job search website development, you must be very clear about a perfect portal's aims. It must be more manageable for users to search for jobs and recruiters to sort out data quickly. Thereby, a user-friendly search system and effective database management should be your priority in online hiring website design

Feature of a Perfect Portal:

A perfect job portal carries several features, which makes it ideal for applicants and recruiters. These features are just some rules and techniques to make job search easier for relevant people and recruiters to select appropriate person easily. If you want to know these features? Then stay connected, and we will tell you one by one.

  • Sleek Design:
    A simple design is the best feature of a ‘Recruitment Portal Website Design. This portal must have a simple interface with the "Job" option in the header. Don't mess up with the user placing the "Job" option in the footer or elsewhere. Furthermore, job page must be simple and should contain a description of the job and requirements. Experienced web design firm can build you a sleek design perfect for portals.

  • Job Alerts:
    Email Alerts are the second most important feature that can alert interested people about jobs whenever the recruitment drive is open. However, don't dodge the portal with pop-ups. Add the "Sign up" button only at the job application process or send an alert if the user spends at least 2 minutes on your website.

  • Tell a Friend and Bookmarking System:
    You must add some “tell a friend” system by embedding some communication API like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. This referral system is crucial for relevant applicants as most people refer a suitable person for the job. Furthermore, booking marking helps in the future if you are not interested at that moment.

  • Simple Application Form:
    Your application form must be straightforward and should not demand any unnecessary information from the user. Extraneous information is futile for both the user and recruiter. Try to take a simple name, address, email and CV in pdf only in the application. Furthermore, allow applicants to change info anytime till the deadline.

  • Database Management:
    Must include effective database management for application tracking in online recruitment portal website development that is particularly important for hiring staff. It helps them check the files quickly and analyze data effectively. Always try to arrange data straightforwardly at the HR end. Otherwise, he might screw up with the applications and might end up with the wrong candidate.

  • Frequently Asked Question:
    Always add a portion of “FAQs” at the end of the job description page to help in clearing applicants' queries. FAQs part clears up problems and other sorts out relevant candidates, which is suitable for both recruiters and applicants. Try to include in-website communication with hiring staff to further explicit queries before proceeding with applications.

  • Integrate App:
    Always try to integrate the app with your website available on the Play Store or iCloud. It boosts user experience as it becomes difficult for the user to go to the website repeatedly for different queries. The app makes user access easy. Otherwise, many applicants end up with incomplete applications due to an impaired access. We have amazing application development setup worldwide and can setup app for your business.

Step By Step Approach to Job Portal Development: 

Want to know the best job portal features? Here is the guideline that will provide you a step-by-step guide to develop a recruitment portal website and show it to the relevant persons or workers on the internet. Let us see how we can do it.

  • Domain Name and Hosting service:
    First, choose the domain name for your portal. Always try to take a domain name in your niche. Furthermore, see the area of specifications depending on your targeting criteria.

  • Software Development Agency:
    After selecting a domain, contact the software house to build a portal that fulfills the above feature. Our web development company has an excellent record of job portals worldwide and we will be glad to help you too.

  • Search Engine Optimization:
    Once the portal is ready, do proper SEO so that it is accessible to relevant audience on the internet in the targeting field or area.

However, if you lack time, our IT development company can perform all of the above tasks for you efficiently with huge experience in the field.


Although Job Search Website Development look simple as any other website, many technicalities can create problems for applicants and recruiters. Therefore, it is compulsory to deal with such issues effectively. Above, we have tried to discuss such technical issues in simple terms and their effects to give you a better insight. Having such features on the website will refine your job portal to the next level.

Whenever build a job portal for your business, try to add above considerations or take our web development services worldwide for better results.That's all from today's article. If you still have queries in mind about portal development, feel free to contact us for any help.

Posted on 11-Jun-2024