How much does an app like Zomato or Swiggy Cost?

Zomato/Food-Panda type Restaurant App in Your Restaurant Name:

Our mobile app developers are always there to develop food order app for your restaurant allowing you to satisfy your customers by getting food delivered without standing in queues or waitlists. Trip Mega Mart brings your restaurant to customers’ mobile phones allowing you to increase sales in the restaurant itself as well as online.

Build your valuable customer base, while allowing your customers to order food virtually at their availability and convenience.

It’s time to stay on top of your competition.
Trip Mega Mart develops food order applications for Native Android platform along with a powerful backend.

Features of Zomato type App:

  • Restaurants information such as menus, submenus, dish-images, restaurant location, phone numbers, directions etc
  • Easy search of menus, dishes etc
  • Multiple payment options, such as credit card, debit card, wallet
  • Access to order history

Development Cost of Zomato/Swiggy like App:

Since it is a database app, Zomato like app’s development cost or other restaurant app’s development cost would be a bit higher than simple functionality apps. The cost will be less than the decoration cost maintained by you near your billing counter area.

App Platform (Android):

Zomato like app’s development will be on the Native Android Platform.

App Design:

Zomato/Swiggy like app needs an engaging design to create repeated customers, which requires the use of advanced technologies and tools. The designing cost may be relatively higher, but worthy. In this case, has proven expertise in designing and developing eye-catching apps at affordable cost.

App developers:

The development cost of restaurant finder app like Zomoto may vary on the developers who you choose to develop your app. The cost impacting factors would be their geographic location, expertise and experience level.

Mobile wallet:

If you don’t want any disruptions to happen in the payment process, we advise and develop your own mobile wallet which has been integrated into the app. So payment happens without any delay and disruptions, and even customer experience would also get skyrocketed.

Features and Functionalities that Impact the Cost of Zomato/Swiggy like App

The cost to develop Zomato like app or any online food ordering app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.

Access Control

  • Using email id
  • Using social media
  • Using OTP

App Design

  • Simple
  • Medium
  • Rich

App Interaction

  • Universal linking
  • Social Sharing
  • Messaging/chat

Admin Panel

  • User data control
  • Add/block feature
  • Usage analytics
  • Cash report
  • Reporting

Advanced Features

  • Geolocation
  • Data sync
  • Push notification

External Features

  • OTP reading
  • In-app calling or messaging
  • Secure data travel
  • Connect to third-party API

Basic Features

  • Newsfeed
  • Ride history
  • Rate card
  • Payment options
  • Refer App
  • Emergency contacts
  • support
  • Rating/review
  • User profile
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