How much does an app like Ola/Uber Cost?

Ola/Uber Type Taxi Booking App in your Car Rental Agency Name:

More and more users prefer to choose online cab booking app like Ola & Uber for travelling comfortably to their destination. On demand cab booking apps are found to earn more than traditional taxi services as it helps the driver to optimize the time and services. Hence, businesses and entrepreneurs are truly inspired for taxi dispatch software development.

We are one of the leading taxi app developers in India. With the advanced features and specifications that we offer in our taxi booking app solution, we get plenty of requests to develop taxi/cab booking softwares for start-up companies, business owners who are looking to widen their established businesses in taxi across the globe. A taxi mobile app can make the drivers life easy as well. If you are seriously planning to develop a custom taxi app like Uber, then you must have a glance at the varied features which drives a successful mobile app for taxi business solutions.

Taxi Booking App like Ola/Uber :

TripMegaMart.Com is a global mobile app development company in India, which helps startup ventures develop Ola like app with innovative and highly advanced features using cutting-edge technologies.

Key Features of Ola type App:

  • Multiple types of car categories to choose from like – Mini, Micro, Share, Sedan, Prime, Auto, Rentals, Outstation, and Lux
  • Your Rides, which shows the history of the rides taken before
  • Rate Card, which shows an estimated rate for rides
  • Wallet Money, a wallet integrated into the app
  • Refer App, which allows to share app with others

Real development cost of Taxi booking app like Ola:

When anybody intends to develop an Ola like app, the first thing comes to his mind is how much it costs to develop an Ola like app. The cost of Ola like app depends on the following factors:

Our Taxi Booking App Platform (Android):

The development cost of a cab aggregator app like Ola is suprisingly less than the yearly insurance premium amount paid by you for a luxury car (base plan of 5 cars and 1 city). When you think about more cities and more cars, please talk to our sales persons.

App Design:

An attractive and simple app design is requisite in Ola like app to grab the attention of users. Good app design relatively costs higher, but TripMegaMart has proven expertise in designing an eye-catching app at an affordable cost.

Driver App:

Driver app would have features and functionalities like signup, and the access to the name and photo of the rider who requested rides, and distance, pick-up, and drop-off points for the requested ride.

App Size:

App size means the total number of features and functionalities that an app would have.

App developers:

The development cost of cab booking app like Ola also depends on the developers’ geographic location. For example, if you develop the same app from other developers, you might have to spend significantly a bigger amount than developing the same app from TripMegaMart. When you develop the Taxi Booking App like Ola from us, the quality remains the same, but the cost remains low. We also used to give ready demo for the app to understand the functionality in a better way.

Mobile wallet:

By integrating a mobile wallet into the main app, you can eliminate many payment hassles and enrich customer experience.

Access Control

  • Using email id
  • Using social media
  • Using OTP

App Design

  • Simple
  • Medium
  • Rich

App Interaction

  • Universal linking
  • Social Sharing
  • Messaging/chat

Admin Panel

  • User data control
  • Add/block feature
  • Usage analytics
  • Cash report
  • Reporting

Advanced Features

  • Geolocation
  • Data sync
  • Booking calendar
  • Push notification

External Features

  • OTP reading
  • In-app calling or messaging
  • Secure data travel
  • Connect to third-party API

Basic Features

  • Ride history
  • Rate card
  • Payment options
  • Refer App
  • support
  • Rating/review
  • User profile
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