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Affiliate Programs that offer great commissions to Travel Agents

Affiliate Programs That Offer Great Commissions To Travel Agents

Affiliate marketing is an old system wherein a visitor to the affiliate website gets directed to a whole new webpage completing the booking and payment. The affiliated agent acts as a forwarder to that other website.

Affiliate marketing in the travel niche 

The travel industry is proving to be an excellent niche for affiliate marketing. There are millions of potential customers seeking better products and services to provide a better travel experience. 

Many businesses in the area of airlines, group tours, travel apps and software, travel accessory manufacturers, and many others are now leveraging the benefits of affiliate marketing. The advantage one has from affiliate marketing is that one receives a special commission from a specific customer target group. This traffic is the people searching for solutions on the Internet and clicking through the affiliate website.

What is a travel affiliate?

A travel affiliate is a network that connects publishers of other affiliate programs allowing them to promote travel-related offers. The travel industry provides a profitable niche in affiliate marketing. It is a vast subject area and highly desirable and popular, especially among mobile users who want to explore the world with a click.

Best travel affiliate programs that offer great commissions to travel agents 

Here are some of the best travel affiliate programs that are highly popular among travel agents:

1. Booking.com - Booking.com affiliate program is top-rated and is one of the best choices for accommodation. It has a free and easy signup process with deep links, search box, and integration of banners. They work on commission-split offer-based model with PayPal as payout mode and a minimum payout of €100.

2. TripAdvisor - Trip advisor affiliate program is usually famous for its bookings reviews and recommendations. They have a monthly payout with a tiered Commission structure. With a deep link to over 5,00,000 cities and hotels, they offer a commission of 50%.

3. Travala - Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many travel websites accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Travel affiliate program is a crypto-friendly booking platform and offers creative income in cryptocurrencies. It is free to join program offering a 5% Commission on every travel booking done through an affiliate link. The agent gets paid in cryptocurrencies which is the best part of it, and therefore it is one of the most popular crypto affiliate programs.

4. Agoda – The Agoda affiliate program is also one of the most popular ones. Though it is free to join the program is compulsory to have a website or a blog. Also, the approval is a manual process that takes about 48 to 72 hours. They offer a 60% commission on margin along with data feeds, search box and text links. A direct bank transfer is a payout mode with a minimum payout of $200.

5. Skyscanner - The Skyscanner affiliate program is very popular for checking the price of a flight. It is the most popular API offering white label solutions for flight searches on the website. It supports hotel bookings and car rentals  and offers a flight booking widget in the sidebar.

6. Airbnb - Airbnb is a top-rated referral program wherein one can earn points instead of hard cash, which an agent can utilize to buy the products of the same network.

7. ShareASale - ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace where one can find many famous travels, airlines, hotels, and services. It has a payment via direct bank deposit. It has a more straightforward way to reach minimum payout than any other affiliate program. 

8. Amazon Associates - The Amazon affiliate program are also known as Amazon associate program, is a niche-based exclusive affiliate program. The most highlighting feature of the program is that it is highly reputable and popular.

Why White Label Solutions as against travel affiliates?

Travel affiliates work on marketing of various websites and earning commissions from them. While white label solutions are services that satisfies all the travel related needs of a customer on a single platform. People are now preferring white label portals rather than travel affiliate websites because unlike affiliate websites who take the customers on a trip to different websites to earn commission, white label portals offer all the solutions at one place and spare the customers from wasting their time, money and efforts.

White label solutions in travel API means that one can use third-party software while keeping their own branding on the same page. This white label solution could be a flight search, hotel search, or payment solution in the travel industry. 

White label solutions have API integration for:

Benefits of a white label portal

1. It connects with the largest B2B online Travel Network in India.

2. It create unlimited contacts with Travel Agency, Master Distributors, Distributor, and Travel White Labels.

3. It helps earning highest commissions on Hotel, Flight, car, Bus, Recharges, Holiday packages, and many more.

4. It involves instant credit of Commission.

5. It offers instant refunds on cancellation.

6. It provides  a user-friendly and customized online Travel Portal Solutions.

7. It enables online re-scheduling or cancellation of tickets.

8. It offers 24X7 and 365 Business Support from the experts of the travel industry.

9. It helps in getting Hotel, Car, Airline, Bus fares directly from Operator.

10. A payment gateway solution is enabled for B2C and B2B models.

11. There is a master panel for complete control to track bookings and publish fares on website.

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Posted on 07-Mar-2016

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