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An Objective of a White Label Portal Development Company

An  Objective Of A White Label Portal Development Company.png

A white label portal development company objective primarily is to give aspiring business owners the opportunity to create their own online travel business. They do this with the help of pre-designed white label digital platforms which can be customized for different brands. Already all over the world there are thousands of white label online portals contributing to a growing travel and tourism industry. These online portals are opening up opportunities for travel for people all over the world and making it easier for travel enthusiasts to plan tours from home.

Travel portal design and development company

Trip Mega Mart is an internationally acclaimed white label travel portal development company. Trip Mega Mart can createB2B and B2C travel portals which have all the important features needed for people to make their travel plans.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions have flight and hotel API integration. The portals can collect and compile real time price data and availability status from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. Customers can also make use of the car rental systems and holiday package systems which also run using the GDS integration service. Customers are saved the trouble of browsing various different web pages and can make their travel plans much quicker through one single travel portal.

Trip Mega Mart portals also have native payment systems built into the framework of the website. These portals have various security features and can process payments very fast. If necessary, Trip Mega Mart portals can also very easily integrate with popular third-party payment solutions.

Trip Mega Mart’s reputation as a travel portal development company also hinges on their ability to give their clients a lot of control over the portals that they purchase. Trip Mega Mart clients can choose and change the scale of operations of their portal- it can only be accessible to local customers or to customers worldwide. There are also various admin access features to make it easier for the business owner clients to update their pricing and services without having to use software coding.

Trip Mega Mart portals are also multi-device optimized so there is no need for clients to develop separate mobile applications.

Customizations and pricing at Trip Mega Mart

But Trip Mega Mart white label portals are not just known for their functionality. The portals are also very well designed keeping in user-friendliness and accessibility. Most Trip Mega Mart portals have an intuitive interface. Each portal is also completely unique.

Every white label portal from Trip Mega Mart is delivered after customizations like adding the business name, logo and branding of the client travel company. Additional front-end layout, font and colour changes can also be purchased. The signature, branded, customized portal that is delivered to a business owner from Trip Mega Mart is very conducive to building customer awareness and creating successful marketing campaigns.

Trip Mega Mart portals however are still very cost effective. Prices are affordable and there are a number of different price plans with different features for each plan. Clients can choose a plan according to their future business plans and their present budget limitations. Individualized travel agent portals can also be added.

But there is an annual maintenance fee on all Trip Mega Mart portals that can be calculated to be around 25% of the initial website price plan.

So, if you are planning to enter the travel industry now, book a consultation with Trip Mega Mart immediately to make the most out of a small investment.

Posted on 28-Oct-2019

White Label Travel Portal Development