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Different Ways to Increase your Online Booking Sales with B2B Booking Engine

Different Ways To Increase Your Online Booking Sales With B2b Booking Engine Overview


In the recent years, the internet has taken over to serve the leading role for most businesses. It is nothing different for travel agencies. With the advent of internet, travellers have found options to book directly through Flight Booking Engines and Hotel Booking Engines without the hinderance of a third party.

It has been seen that companies which have used online booking along with or even without offline setups have sold more than just offline agencies. If you are interested in creating a B2B & B2C Travel website/portal to cater to your customers and generate new leads, then now is the best time. The step can actually improve your sales and thus have a big impact on your business. Let us see how we can achieve this.

Creating Your Website

The first step towards going for an online website is buying a domain. Once you have bought your domain, you have to design your website. Designing your website will ensure that a customer spend more time in your website. It has been seen that a better design attracts more customers. The more people tend to stay, the better chances you have that they select something from your website itself. But for that, you need to enable your website with a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system. Your API provider can take care of that. Try out Trip Mega Mart if you do not have an API provider.

Optimising You Website

A Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System that does not reach any customers cannot take any bookings. So, SEO is a big priority after your website has been created. That is the best way your Holiday Package System will reach the world.

If SEO is not enough, then consider Advertising in google and other social media sites to reach your potential to the fullest. This way, the traffic of your website will increase and you will have an active website. Here are the changes you will notice after you finished setting up your online portal.

1.      Increased Sales

2.      Reduction of errors

3.      24*7 service

4.      Worldwide customer reach

5.      Cost efficient service

6.      Multiple payment options

7.      No office space needed

Once you Start Online Travel Business Agency you will see these getting reflected and your business showing peaks in sales.

Travel Portal Solutions to do the job

It is really difficult for each and every company to do the job themselves. This is when people think of hiring a Travel Portal Development Company to do the job. Development companies can Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal by merging Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers into your GDS Integration Service thereby converting the system into a single central reservation system. There are a lot of companies in the market and it is important to find the right company that will fit your needs in terms of requirement and budget. Travel Website/Portal Development cost can go really high with the wrong company.

Fraudulent activities are also a nuisance to be aware of. Investing in the wrong company may mean losing all investments and gaining nothing in return. This is why investing in the right company that has a reputation in the market is so important.

The Best Travel Portal Solution company

Most of the travel portal development companies offer the same things more or less. The difference is the dynamism of the system and the cost factor for each of the GDS service you take.

Trip Mega Mart always offers dynamic websites at a very reasonable cost to anyone in the online travel business. They are one of the best Travel Website/Portal Design & Development companies out there. The websites they build are really dynamic and responds to any customer query within seconds. The GDS service they provide is also excellent and in terms of the travel development cost, they charge USD 1000 for the whole year which includes all charges of development and 24*7 support. This charge can easily go up to USD 2400 for a single year if you choose to go with other leading companies according to your needs.

So if you are thinking of developing your own portal, then do it now as this is the best time to plunge into the emerging trend and explore the areas of expansion.

Posted on 04-May-2015

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