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Essential features need to put in your travel portal development

Essential Features Need To Put In Your Travel Portal Development

Your B2C travel booking portal development or B2B travel booking portal development's success depends on more than just a web presence in today's tech-driven environment. Attractive design, ease of use, and smart vacation planning services should attract potential customers. Convincing your customers to book through your website gets more difficult due to their restricted time.

The intent is to provide your consumers with a unique travel booking experience. In other words, you need to find a travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart that can help you build your business. Recognize that people want a quick resolution to any matter.

With 85 percent of all trips being booked on mobile devices, 36 percent of travelers paid more for personalized information, and 57 percent preferred websites that tailor information based on previous reservations.

What essential features a travel portal must-have?

By including a range of features in your portal, a travel portal development business such as Trip Mega Mart may help your online travel agency obtain a competitive advantage. The following are some critical aspects that a travel application must include to be a top-notch travel portal:

Design that is Responsive

Customers are intrigued by a responsive design that is both functional and appealing. The design should simplify navigating by focusing on your company's products and services rather than the website itself. The website must be easy to use for the consumer to book. A smooth and straightforward experience will inspire customers to make additional appointments.

Filter-based search engine

Customer-specific search criteria are required on your travel portal. In other words, you may choose your destination, vacation dates, hotels, and vacation packages, as well as car rental and bus services. There should be a range of airline suppliers, and hotel suppliers available for a wider choice.

Integration with Google Maps

A good GPS integration is like finding a gold mine in travel application development. When arriving at a place, visitors want to know where they can stay and eat authentically. Travel portals should quickly connect you to nearby attractions and also have a car rental system. It modifies the travel website's look.

Predictive Search

You can choose where to board your plane when entering the airport's name and city. Your search engine must create an acceptable airport name and city. It should have a GDS integration service. Flight and hotel API integration saves time when bookings are limited or made during busy times.

Attractive Photographs

Displaying visually appealing photographs of the destination or hotel rooms encourages customers to proceed with their bookings through the holiday package system. Airbnb makes effective use of this feature to entice consumers by highlighting a few of the top photographs of the place.


Your website should allow customers to save hotels, flights, cars, and bus tickets. Allow people to change their minds after exploring all choices. Consumers will appreciate your travel agency website if it helps them locate the best holiday itinerary.

Gateways for payments

Your website is useless without a payment gateway. No vacation plan is complete without payment. Make your payment gateway simple, needing only the required information. Your payment gateway should not require a postal code, address, phone number, or landline number. If the booking process takes too lengthy, customers may lose interest and quit using your website for future appointments.

App Translator built-in

It is one of the most important and distinctive features you can add to your travel agency software. Travelers can use Google Translate or iTranslate to navigate numerous languages to translate spoken and written information in real-time. These features enhance the look and feel of your travel application.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

People want to read reviews before booking a hotel or vacation, so they know what to anticipate. It enhances public awareness and motivates hotels to provide better services. These aspects should always be present in a travel portal.

24/7 Customer Support

Assume your client is traveling abroad and has to book a new hotel stay. Your agency would be required to help the consumer immediately. A travel site should also include a 24-hour customer service section along with flight and hotel central reservation system. Instead of sending an email and waiting hours for a response, consumers may call the travel agency immediately. Customers usually expect detailed answers to travel questions, so try including a chatbot for consumer communication that will help you bond with your customers.

Services for Emergencies

We all know that crises may occur at any time and anywhere. Why not provide your users with a single safety measure? Including a search option for the nearest hospital, ambulance, or emergency phone number. It can help you build trust with your customers while giving them a distinctive travel app experience.


Your travel site can stay competitive by offering cutting-edge features. It also helps with client retention and conversion rates. Use the expertise and experience of a trustworthy travel portal developing company such as Trip Mega Mart.

Choosing the finest travel portal development company is crucial for online travel agencies. Outsourcing can not only help you build a closer relationship with your customers, but it will also help you build trust.

A few credible companies like Trip Mega Mart build unique travel websites. These companies create web and mobile apps satisfying all of your travel agency business requirements. Allow a development agency to assess and understand your company before hiring.

Trip Mega Mart is a well-known travel portal developer. It develops B2C and B2B travel portals, optimizing processes and boosting customer experience. Trip Mega Mart has over eight years of experience in this field and works directly with consumers to help them realize their goals.

Posted on 01-Apr-2019

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