Factors that impact the travel portal development cost

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Are you planning to start travel business online but not sure of the expenses? Travel business, as you must be aware, is a profit-driven business. The demand of this industry has pushed the boundaries to include online platforms that work alongside traditional offline agencies. But when it comes to developing a portal, cost becomes an important factor to consider.

Luckily, the demand for travel business urges website developing companies to provide competitive rates. Moreover, there are a few determinants of the cost. But before you glean information on them, find out what differentiates a website from a portal.

Travel Website Vs Web Portal

The essential difference between a portal and a website is the feature. Websites involve several web pages that provide information to the customers. Web portals, on the other hand, are websites that give personalized information. Web portals, unlike websites, offer direct services to the customers. This means you can use your travel portal to offer services such as a car rental system. There are many other benefits of an online travel portal. Read on to know more about why you should pick a travel portal.

Why need a travel portal?

Companies like Trip Mega Mart use their skills to help your business reach out to a large-scale customer. Discussed here are some of the prominent ways that travel portals can contribute to your business.

? Building a brand- travel portal solution is an excellent way of gaining the trust of your customers as a reputed travel agency.

? Easy access- conducting your business online can allow customers to access your brand easily from any corner of the world.

? Cost-effective- you can provide plenty of services to the customers on a single platform. You can let a customer book hotels, cars, and airlines from your portal itself. And for all these, you make no extra expense.

Factors Determining Travel Website/Portal Development Cost

Various factors determine the expense of developing a travel portal. Discussed here are some of the few.

Features- the kind of design you select for your portal will affect the budget. The more high-end security design you choose, the higher will be the development cost. Adding features like GDS integration service becomes a bit more expensive. Also, customizing the website can cost you more than opting for a predetermined layout.

Type of business model- you can create B2B & B2C travel website/portal based on your requirements. But the one that you settle with will determine the variation in developmental price. B2B or Business-to-Business portals are the places where you meet with clients indirectly through the website. B2C or Business-to-Consumer portals are where you can directly provide your services to the customers.

Type of platform- you can either build a mobile application or a web application for your travel portal. A travel mobile application development company can create you both. But the price will eventually depend on the platform that you choose. The mobile version is created for different devices like iOS and Android. If you target iOS devices your budget will see an increase than an Android.

Booking engine- designing different booking engines for a travel portal requires an additional expense. To function as a flight booking engine, your travel portal must have an XML integration. It allows transactions between the booking agents and customers to occur automatically. GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration is, hence, an essential requirement. Such integrations are also crucial for your travel portal to serve as a hotel booking engine.

The expertise of the team involved- the reputation and skills of the travel technology company you choose to hire can affect the price. Companies like Trip Mega Mart are trusted names in the industry. When you team up with such companies, you do need to spend a bit more than assigning the work to an amateur. But remember that these companies have the required expertise to help grow your company. They can help you to offer customized deals, such as a holiday package system, to your customers.

Thus, the cost of building a travel portal varies with the underlying factors. The reputed tourism portal development companies are likely to charge more for their guaranteed quality services. The features of the portal involving GDS integration are another crucial contributing factor to the cost. Once the cost is determined, you can start with building a responsive travel portal and explore the high potential tourism sector.

Factors That Impact The Travel Portal Development Cost

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