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Start Online Travel Agency Business in Canada

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Canada

Canada lies in the northern part of the Americas. It is a truly fascinating place with breathtaking scenery throughout this vast country. The country covers approximately 9.98 million kilometers and is supposed to the second biggest country in terms of area. In addition to the capital Ottawa, Canada, has several cities like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and many others.

Tourist Spots in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of tourist sites. The whole country is one big tourist attraction because of its incredible natural wonders, meandering rivers, mountains, and lakes. Some of the tourist places include

  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Toronto CN Tower
  • Old Quebec (World Heritage Site)
  • Whistler Ski Resort
  • Ottawa’s Parliament Hill
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights

A Case to Grab This Opportunity to Start Travel Business Online

It has a short, pleasant summer and long winters where the land is covered by a carpet of snow that makes it look like a winter wonderland! Most of the tourists come here in the summer months, while a substantial number also come here for its winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, and other indoor and outdoor activities. Effectively, Canada has a year-round tourist traffic that makes it ideal to start online travel business agency

How to go About Setting up a Travel Portal Solution

How does one know which is the best Travel Website/Portal Design & Development company that can offer you the best solution at the best Travel Website/Portal Development cost? Ideally, the portal should address all aspects the tourism business and should be open for future modification, additions, and customization. The core of the system should have modules for Flight Booking Engine and Hotel Booking Engine. The software should also have features like Holiday Package system Car Rental System as well as Flight and Hotel Central Reservation System. There are numerous travel portal development companies that can offer this service. It can be safely said that Trip Mega Mart is one of the leading developers.

The user-friendly search engine that gives you quick search results

  • Real-time booking of tickets                                                                 
  • Real-time cancellation of tickets
  • Real-time availability
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Confirmation by email

Why Should You Select Trip Mega Mart?

It is a Travel Portal Development Company that has been around for quite a while. During these years, they have an impressive list of customers. They have over 650 completed projects that were completed on time. They have a dedicated support team of professionals. It is a cost-effective and shortest possible response time to address any glitches in the software.

Trip Mega Mart is also a travel mobile application development company that can customize the application for mobile devices.

The Trip Mega Mart Advantage

You don’t have to worry about the hassles and hurdles of developing a portal or maintaining it. Trip Mega Mart takes care of it. The portal is launched by their skilled professionals and maintained by them. Almost all businesses, including travel and tourism, have moved online. To run a business, you have to have a presence online.

Posted on 27-Jan-2014

Start Travel Agency Business in Canada