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Start Online Travel Agency Business in UK

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Uk

In the UK many people are employed and sustained by the tourism industry. UK is in fact the 10th most visited global destination for tourists. Now, with the introduction of online travel portals, this sector is growing even more rapidly.

Create B2B or B2C Travel Websites for Your Travel Business

Travel start-up online businesses require a very top-quality website in order to edge out their competitors and draw more customers. This website needs to provide information for all travel related issues. A flight and hotel central reservation system connected with GDS integration is an essential element of all travel websites. But it is very difficult and expensive to develop a new website from scratch and make it compliant to the criteria of GDS suppliers.

It is often easier for businesses to work with a white label travel portal development company and purchase a B2B or B2C white label portal with GDS integration, flight booking engines and hotel booking engines built into it.

Opt for the Most Reliable Travel Technology Company

Trip Mega Mart is an experienced and reputed global travel portal development company. They develop white label travel websites with different features. Travel businesses can purchase a website plan they like and then that website is customized with the name and logo of that business. Customers get a ready to use travel portal within just a few working days. The most common features are:

Other features are also available for more advanced travel website plans. Trip Mega Mart also has travel mobile application development services so that websites can operate effectively on both computers and mobile phones.

Travel website development cost for Trip Mega Mart

Their pricing policy depends on the availability of features on a website. There are numerous plans at different price points. On an average a white label travel website costs around 722 £. At this very reasonable price travel businesses get access to API integration from some of the world’s leading GDS API suppliers like Galileo GDS API and Amadeus GDS API. Besides the direct website cost, travel businesses can pay a little more to add some extra features to the website. A travel agent portal can be added to any website for a small fee.

Travel businesses are also required to pay an annual fee for continued use of the website and GDS integration service. This charge is just 25% of the basic website development cost.

The world of online tourism portals is highly rewarding. With very little initial investment travel businesses can grow to make huge profits. The only ingredients required are a user-friendly website and some good marketing strategies. Online travel portals have made it easy to break into the international tourism market from anywhere in the world. Entrepreneurs are cashing in on the boons of technology and digitization to create online businesses geared towards success in the travel industry.

Posted on 17-Nov-2014

White Label Travel Portal in UK