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Start Online Travel Agency Business in USA

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Usa


If you are in the travel business and do not have an online presence till now, then you must be thinking how to develop a website and tap the online customers too. The days of offline bookings and manual entries are long gone and everyone tends to book online. So, creating a B2B & B2C Travel website/portal is the best option for any travel agent today. If a Holiday Package System is sold online too, then why would customers come to book at an office rather than from the comfort of their homes?

From Offline to Online

The online shift is not as hard as it might sound. You do not need a bunch of tech knowledge to start. Resources can always be found for help. A Travel Website/Portal Design & Development company can help you buy the right domain for you, design your website and develop all that is needed for you to run your business. Try out Trip Mega Mart for example. The biggest challenge will be taking a booking engine that responds almost immediately to customer queries. This way, Airline suppliers and hotel suppliers can connect to you from world over and not only The States.

What Do You Gain?

  • Hassle-free real-time booking

  • Multiple payment options

  • Language variations

  • Currency options

  • Automated email responses

  • Discount management system

Technical Details You Need To Know

There are basically a very few things to know technically if you are not from the background. The first is to get a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system so that customers can book anywhere through your portal itself and don’t have to be routed to another website. The next is that only world class systems won’t help. You need to showcase yourself on google so that people actually book from you. This will be either done by ads or by SEO. A Travel Technology Company can help you in the matter.

Finding the Right Company for Yourself

Tourism Portal Development is no child’s play. The wrong company can increase your budget and hand you a less responsive site and your customers can get detracted for the wait. You can lose your leads this way and business can be a loss-making factor then.

The right Travel Portal Development Company will however, keep the cost in mind, and also build you a responsive site so that you do not have to worry about your customer’s experience in booking with you.

Another thing that comes up in my mind is the fraudulent activities done by scammers in the name of work. This is something you definitely will want to stay away from.

I have always found Trip Mega Mart to be an excellent GDS Integration Service provider. They are a White label Travel Portal Development company. The systems they build are very dynamic and respond to customer queries within seconds.

If you are still thinking about taking the jump, then just take a leap of faith and you will see how things turn differently for you after that.

Posted on 07-Oct-2013

White Label Travel Portal in USA