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Travel Portal Development in Lusaka

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Tourist attractions in Zambia

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia, considered by most seasoned travelers to be one of the most beautiful countries of Africa. Home to some stunning and diverse wildlife, this country is heaven to all wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. The landscape of the country also provides breath-taking views for tourists to enjoy.

Cities like Kabwe, Chiptala and Ndola are important cities of Zambia which can act as important nodal areas for tourists to travel the country. But perhaps one of the most well-known tourist attractions of Zambia is located in the city of Livingstone. This is the world-famous Victoria Falls that alone draws millions of tourists each year. There is a thriving travel and tourism industry in Zambia built around its different tourist attractions.

But now travel portal development in Lusaka is taking this industry away from traditional travel agency offices and making online travel portals the primary leaders of the sector. Read on to learn how you too can become a part of this community of industry leaders.

Using online travel portal solutions for penetrating Lusaka’s tourism industry

The days of complicated software development to start an online business are long gone. The smartest entrepreneurs are now choosing to opt for white label travel portal development where an existing website model is customized for different clients.

The most internationally acclaimed travel portal design and development company in the world at present is Trip Mega Mart. They create B2B and B2C travel websites which can completely replace travel agencies and act as a one-stop destination for customers to fulfill all their travel planning necessities.

Trip Mega Mart sites come with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. Though this sounds complicated, in reality it only implies that the site can show data from a number of different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers so that customers can book their preferred tickets and rooms from one single source. The Trip Mega Mart catalogue of white label sites includes other features like car rental systems and holiday package systems which also work on the same principle. Every Trip Mega Mart white label solution also has its own payment gateway for added convenience.

Clients can also customize the list of features for each site. But Trip Mega Mart sites are quite affordable, in spite of the large number of high-quality features that they offer.

Is it a smart move to buy a white label travel portal?

A white label portal can be a very affordable and low investment method to start a business. With Trip Mega Mart business owners get their hands on an already well-designed, seamless online portal where they have to simply draw in customers to start earning a profit.

Besides, Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions have certain features that make them ideal as business plans:

• Trip Mega Mart sites operate on mobile phones and computers and tablets saving entrepreneurs the effort of having to buy separate applications for different devices

• All Trip Mega Mart sites have a unique, customized design and a very simple, user-friendly, intuitive interface. The designs are also very visually pleasing.

• The operational scale of Trip Mega Mart sites is also customizable. Clients can operate their business at a local scale or turn towards regional or even international customers

• Trip Mega Mart gives clients one year of free support service after purchase and thereafter customers have to pay for an annual maintenance service that will ensure smooth and high-speed website performance throughout the year

• Trip Mega Mart clients also get to enjoy a degree of control over their own sites with the help of admin controls that they can operate without making any software code changes

• Trip Mega Mart sites can also incorporate individual travel agent portals within a broader travel technology software

So, if you are a resident of Zambia, looking for some way to fulfill your career ambitions then Trip Mega Mart is the right partner for you. The best part about the online travel agency business is that it can be run from home and is one that can grow rapidly into a strong business. There are very few other opportunities like this in the business sphere today.

Posted on 11-Jul-2022

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