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Travel services marketing. One of the best approaches to building your brand.

Travel Services Marketing. One Of The Best Approaches To Building Your Brand.

How do you think a Travel Services business can grow? Providing good services, customer satisfaction, all of these, yes, but what makes a brand stand apart? With hundreds of travel companies swarming the industry, having a memorable branding is of utmost importance.

Having a strong brand value helps increase recall value whenever people think of travel agencies online. A good marketing strategy will make people immediately relate travel website to your white label travel portal development. Trip Mega Mart is travel portal solution that beautifully achieves that.

To start travel agency online can be done by anyone, but to market it the right way, you need relevant skills and knowledge.

After creating your B2B/B2C travel website, follow these tips to market it the right way.

1.)    Establish a brand story

Every brand has a story to tell. You need to understand your unique proposition and present it to your customers. With hundreds of travel businesses, why should the customer choose your services? Here is where you brand story sets you apart from your competitors.

Once you have your brand story, you will attract customers who resonate with your purpose. Now you need to put your story out there for customers to react to it. Find the right platform, the right medium to tell your story. Getting the story right and delivering it are two equally important things. You brand story can be on the emotional or logical quadrant. If you have a niche that resonates with your consumers, you’re good to go.

2.)    Know your audience

It is important that your brand story reaches the right audience. For instance, if you are trying to market a high-end sports car, marketing it on Facebook or print media would be a wrong placement. People who drive expensive cars, don’t go on buying it after seeing an ad in the paper or on Facebook. Reaching out to some exclusively or hosting an event would be a much better approach in this case.

Similarly, you need to make sure that you brand story is reaching out to the right target audience. Know what your audience wants and doesn’t want and form your marketing strategy on similar lines.

3.)    Create a strong brand identity

Now you need to create a strong brand identity. This means that your design language, logo, advertising, needs to be consistent. Keep a consistent face for your brand and design a logo that can be easily traced back to your brand. Don’t overcomplicate as your consumers might not be able to place a name to your logo.

Take inspiration from an existing travel agency software to come up with your design. Set up profiles on social media too so people know you are reliable and active. Try to build a good online presence and regularly interact with your audience. Along with that, you need to understand how to start online travel business agency that runs around the clock.

4.)    Set the tone for your brand

With all the messages going out from your brand, you need to ensure that the tone used in all the content is consistent. For instance, the brand Zomato, for all their communications use very witty and informal tone which they have kept consistent throughout. Same needs to be done for all brands so that consumers can immediately relate back to your brand.

Think of your travel portal solution as a human that needs a personality. Just like how every person has their own nature, your brand needs one too. It is up to you to decide if you want to keep the tone as informational, formal, witty, friendly, etc. Make sure that once you decide on a tone, you are consistent with it as people will see you with the selected personality. Changing tones very frequently might cause you to lose consumers.

5.)    Partner with trusted brands

In travel business you will need to partner with various airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, car rental systems etc. to provide service to your customers. You can provide these services to consumers by using flight & hotel API integration. Ensure that these partnerships are done with trusted brands because travellers using these services from your portal are trusting your brand more than the hotel or flights listed. Trip Mega Mart scores incredibly in this aspect of marketing.

Posted on 02-Nov-2015

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