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White Label Travel Portal in Los Angeles

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Capitalize on Hollywood glamour with a travel business in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the United States of America. Home to the US film industry, this town is home to many of the rich and famous of America. The Hollywood sign of Los Angeles and its other film industry landmarks are some dream destinations from most tourists. People who want to enjoy the sunny weather, try out amazing brands and restaurants and dip their toe into the lives of film stars flock to Los Angeles every year. Some other cities in the USA that also get a lot of tourist attention include New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, etc.

Los Angeles has a number of hotels and incoming flights and other tourist related services already for its massive influx of tourists. But these services are now being compiled and brought together by some entrepreneurs in the form of white label travel portals in Los Angeles.

Defining White Label Travel Portal Development as A Business Venture

White label travel portals are basically online travel agency businesses. But the process of building it does not involve the expensive and long process of software coding. Some travel portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart sell pre-built website formats called white label portals. These portals have features built into them already. Clients purchase a format of their choice and get the functionalities and designs customized for their own business. The end-product is delivered within a week, is much less expensive than a new website and is still completely unique and branded.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions have a flexible pricing. Some white label models are priced higher while some are priced lower depending on the number of features included within each portal. Running a white label business is also very inexpensive in the long run. The only major operational expense for Trip Mega Mart clients is the annual maintenance fee (25% of the website cost). Generally, Trip Mega Mart website owners are able to much more from their business which has no other operational costs like infrastructure and employees. The business can be run by a single person from their home. They also get a number of admin controls to make minor changes without any coding modifications.

Trip Mega Mart sites are also compatible with all devices saving clients money on different mobile and computer applications.

Top Features Offered by Trip Mega Mart in their Travel Portal Solutions

One of Trip Mega Mart’s top solutions is their hotel and flight central reservation system. There is a flight booking engine and a hotel booking engine, which utilize data from a number of airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. These booking engines also operate in real time with a high quality GDS integration service so that customers can complete their full travel planning through only one site. The GDS system also works on car rental systems, holiday package systems.

Trip Mega Mart sites have their own payment portal with one click transactions that remain high speed and responsive even when there is high-flow traffic to the site.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software is also exceptionally easy to use because of its intuitive interface. There is no learning curve to using the site. The simplicity of usage however does not mean that the design of the site is also simplistic.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are generally very aesthetically pleasing. The degree of customization available is also quite high. Clients get their brand name and logo added to their site. Clients can also make other changes to their layout and colors and fonts according to the target demographic of their business.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software makes it possible for entrepreneurs to become business owners with very little initial investment and without any prior training. The only initiative the client has to take is to come up with a good marketing strategy to make their business stand out from the other travel portals available online.

So, book your Trip Mega Mart portal right now and begin the climb to become a profitable and successful business owner.

Posted on 13-Aug-2022

White Label Travel Portal in USA