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Benefits of Online Travel Website Over Traditional Offline Booking System

Benefits Of Online Travel Website Over Traditional Offline Booking System

In today’s world every aspect of our life is driven by the internet. This covers all areas including medical, information technology, manufacturing, management, banking, education and even the grocery stores. Travel and tours are not an exception. Thousands of would-be travelers go through the internet travel sites looking for the cheapest flights, hotel accommodation at bargain prices and sightseeing tours. Most of the travelers go to the internet to find suitable sites and plan their trips accordingly.

Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or for any other reason, the travel sites play an important role in the travel world. Having said that the travel sites should also combine technology with good old customer care to give it a human touch. The burgeoning number of travelers makes this industry an attractive option for setting up a travel agency to cater to the present and future customers. However, care should be taken that the software that you have should be user-friendly, comprehensive and future-ready.

What are the Main Advantages of an Online Travel Website?

With numerous enterprising youngsters out there, aspiring to start their own business, having one’s own online travel website has become the most sought-after path. There are numerous advantages for opting for online travel website. These include the following:

  • Online travel agency is open 24 hours a day, throughout the year so you don’t miss anyone who is trying to buy a ticket.
  • The customer can make on the spot decision and buy the ticket. If the customer cancels the ticket, that ticket is immediately available to another customer.
  • All online transaction of travel sites require you to pay upfront. You don’t have to chase the customer for your money.
  • The travel software keeps you on top of your business. It gives you real-time picture of your reservations and other important data.
  • With such spectacular advantages at hand, who wouldn’t want to shift over to having their own online travel website as opposed to a traditional offline booking system.

What are the Main Features of the Travel Website?

The travel website should be easy to maintain and upgrade to reflect changing scenarios in the geopolitical changes as well as changes in the travel industry itself. The following features should be included on the website.

  • The travel software should be able to update passenger details
  • It should have social media links
  • Should have up to date about all tourism packages (inbound and outbound)
  • Should have complete travel services including airline ticketing, airport pick up and drop, car hire, hotel booking, guided tours, visa assistance, food preferences, allergies, concierge services and other services.
  • Provide current information about any local laws that will affect the travel plan.
  • Provide list of banned items like alcohol, drugs and other substances that is not permitted into the country to be visited
  • The travel software should be designed as modules and should cover all the functions of the travel business. The modules should be online and should include

Flight ticketing system
Hotel Central Reservation System
Car rental system
Passenger Information database
Flight & Hotel API integration
Accounting System
Holiday Package system      
Travel Agency Software

There are numerous software companies that create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal. You can evaluate some of these software providers and decide on one that is well established and is in the business for a considerable time. One such company is Trip Mega Mart, a White label Travel Portal Development company that has large customer base. Trip Mega Mart provides Travel Agency Software that is tried-and-tested and accepted by a large number of satisfied customers.  


With such humungous advantages of having an online travel website startup these days are looking forward to considering this as their new area of investment. The traditional offline booking system, although still in existence, has taken a backseat due the ease and convenience of booking one’s travel plans online, that too at the client of a button.

Decide on the Travel Website/Portal Development company that is responsive and ready to trim and hone the software to suit your business needs. Trip Mega Mart is committed to supporting you and your business for the long haul.

Posted on 28-Jun-2024

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