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What is a travel API, and how does it benefit travel agencies

What Is A Travel Api, And How Does It Benefit Travel Agencies

Travel API is primarily a set of web-based services that, when integrated into a travel booking platform or website, or application, enable ingress to various travel deals from several travel consolidators. By incorporating a travel API into the travel service provider's software, the agent can offer unparalleled travel-related services such as bus-train-flight bookings, hotel bookings, and so on.

The commonly used travel APIs by travel platforms are: 

Hotel booking, Train booking, Flight booking, Cab booking, Car rentals, Airline services, Airport lounge access, Holiday package selection services, Bus central system, and Cruise booking. 

Some of the latest evolving travel agencies are working on simplifying travel by making bookings more effortless and convenient for travelers by including airport mapping API in the system. This API offers services like locating luggage drop, washrooms, feeding rooms, travel desk, restaurants, immigration, luggage belt, porter services, currency exchange desk, and airport pickup and drop services. 

The cost of developing a traveling API

One needs to work out an agreement with the GDS/API providers to get an API. If an agent is already an existing client and gives them a good business, they might provide the API for free. Still, if the travel agent is applying for a new API, they may charge a lot. One can select the API as per their business model. Every GDS/API provider offer competitive rates and have their limits and strengths. However, to incorporate a travel API, the cost varies from USD 1500 to 4000 according to the company's level.

The best API's for a travel agency

Some of the best travel and booking APIs for travel agencies offering online travel and tourism services are Amadeus APIs, Sabre APIs, and Travelport APIs.

Sabre GDS Software is one of the best GDS systems available today for flight ticketing. A majority of travel agents use Sabre GPS to access online travel inventory that includes airlines, hotels, and other related services, enabling the travel agents to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. 

There are also popular APIs that can be integrated free or with shared fees, such as Travel Innovation Sandbox by Amadeus, Explorer by Sabre API, Skyscanner API, booking.com API, Expedia rapid API, OpenSky API, Ticketmaster API, and so on.

How do travel APIs work? Or The importance of travel API suppliers for travel agencies

Travel API is a web-based service that enables a travel agent to integrate third-party GDS or API wholesaler inventory into the travel agent's website or reservation system to provide them access to the vast amount of travel content and giving them complete control of payments. These APIs connect data streams and functionalities among different software products linking them to each other without any source code.

Travel API integrated portals have many advantages such as :

  • Having control over the entire booking process 
  • Offering real-time rates and availability of global content 
  • Allowing markups on the net rates for maximizing revenue from the end-customers
  • Focusing on the core competencies such as marketing and conversion ratios for targeted traffic rather than content management
  • Charging and receiving payment directly from customers 
  • Providing highly dynamic information through XML pages 
  • Reduce the overhead costs of the travel agencies

Travel agency and API integration 

A travel portal development company can build or design a travel portal for a travel agency providing an all-in-one platform for car booking, flight booking, taxi or bus booking, holiday packages, and much more.

travel portal development company, namely Trip Mega Mart, provides all the required API integrations such as:

How to get a website so the travel agencies can provide online services? 

To build an extensive website for an online travel agency, one has to offer secure and precise API solutions with GDS Integration Service such as GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel IntegrationA portal or website like this is a must have and an easy-to-use interface that instantly responds to the travel agency software integration. 

Will the API integration be profitable to a travel agency?

Trip Mega Mart is a Travel Website/Portal Design & Development company that offers all services at a highly reasonable price. It ensures that the Travel Website/Portal Development price for a travel agent doesn't go over their budget limit and makes their business venture a profitable one.

Posted on 27-Jul-2015

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