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Role of Online Travel Portal Development for starting an Online Travel Agency

Role Of Online Travel Portal Development For Starting An Online Travel Agency.png

Travel and tourism are lucrative economic sectors that provide growth opportunities for various business enterprises. Millions of people all over the world are employed in travel and tourism related industries. One of the most common forms of travel business is a travel agency. Travel agencies help travelers book their transport and accommodations.

Especially international travelers are heavily dependent on travel agencies because of the difficult of personally planning a trip abroad. But in today’s digital age even travel agencies have started to move online. Digital travel portal solutions allow people from all over the world to browse through all available options online and book flights and hotels according to their own preference right from their own bedroom.

How to start travel agency online

Trip Mega Mart is perhaps one of the most well-known travel portal development companies worldwide. They provide white label travel portal development service. A white label portal is a pre-built software framework that can be customized and modified for individual travel business operations. All essential travel related features are already available in this pre-configured format.

Many travel entrepreneurs are now turning to white label portals instead of traditional website development. Generally creating a fully new portal would require months of hard work from multiple skilled software programmers. But in comparison Trip Mega Mart delivers a fully functional and customized white label portal in just a few days’ time. When entrepreneurs create B2B and B2C travel portals using white label services it is also much cheaper.

Trip Mega Mart white label portals come with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This is very important for a successful travel business. Trip Mega Mart customers get to see flight and hotel availability from different sources (different airline suppliers or hotel suppliers) listed on a single webpage of the portal. This makes the customer’s job of choosing their travel arrangements much easier. Customers keep coming back to the same travel portal again and again. Trip Mega Mart white label portals use high quality API suppliers for the most accurate real-time data integration. The portal can also have car rental system or a holiday package system.

But of course, customers also need to pay for all these flight and hotel that they are booking. This is done with the help of a payment portal programmed within Trip Mega Mart portals. This portal prioritizes customer data security, but can also process payments very quickly in just a few steps. This payment system is also conducive for easy integration with popular third-party payment gateways so that entrepreneurs can offer their customers the widest selection of payment methods.

Some other advantages of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution

All Trip Mega Mart portals are performance optimized for different devices like mobile phones, computers and tablets. This feature opens the business up to a much larger market of customers than just computer users.

The portals also offer their owners full scalability of operations. This means that a Trip Mega Mart travel portal owner has the freedom to choose and also change whether they want their portal to be accessible to only local or regional or international customers.

Trip Mega Mart portals also offer a wide range of admin access for the business owners. The owners can use these admin features to make periodic updates to the information listed on their portal. No software languages or coding skills are required to make use of the admin features.

But the biggest USP of all Trip Mega Mart deliveries is the level of customizability. Every portal development plan includes some basics of branding and business name and logo customization. But the business owner can also pay to make other modifications to the website’s final look. This includes changes in colors, fonts, layout and design elements. Each website finally ends up with a totally unique aesthetic although the basic framework behind them is the same.

The designers at Trip Mega Mart also ensure that businesses have the highest chance of success by ensuring that the user-interface is very simple to use. No customers want to use an online service that is complicated because there are plenty of alternatives available on the market. All portals created by Trip Mega Mart are however built for intuitive usage by all groups of people.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal design and development companytravel portal development cost

Trip Mega Mart white label portals are less expensive than fully new websites, the cost is also obviously less than setting up a physical travel agency which requires office space and lots of other infrastructural elements.

Trip Mega Mart pricing is generally considered very reasonable as per industry standards. There are a few different price plans and different features are covered under each plan. Features can be added or removed from plans as well with a little extra payment. A little additional payment can also add individual portals for travel agents within a travel business’s portal.

But there is an annual fee that all business owners have to pay for continued use of the white label service. This fee is 15% yearly of the initial website cost and is just a small proportion of what business owners can actually earn in a year from their portal.

If you feel you have the skills to market and run an online business from home then make a call to Trip Mega Mart immediately to get your first foothold in the international travel industry.

Posted on 30-Apr-2018

Travel Portal Development