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Cost of Travel Portal Development

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Develop Your Own Online Travel Portal at the Best Possible Prices

At present online platforms are ruling the world of service businesses. Digital platforms are accessible, user friendly and draw in a large number of customers from a huge geographical area. The same is also true for online travel portals. Online travel portal solutions provide customers all travel related necessities under one single umbrella. These are effective means of conducting business that guarantee high profits with very little investment.

How to develop a website for your travel business?

Online travel portals are effectively taking over the travel business because they can provide real-time information to customers. Online travel portals are usually equipped with a flight and hotel central reservation system. This system operates using a technology called GDS integration service. But not all websites can be integrated with a GDS service. Most GDS API suppliers have very specific requirements for websites.

In order to fulfill these criteria, most travel businesses opt for a white label travel portal. White label travel portal development companies create B2B and B2C travel websites that are GDS integration compliant. A travel business can just purchase a white label travel portal with GDS integration built in which will be customized and personalized with the travel business’s name, logo and branding.

A white label travel portal is a low investment option which gives a travel business ready access to all the services they want to offer their customers. The travel company only has to focus on marketing and bringing clients to their website.

Leading travel portal development company

There are many travel portal development companies selling white label websites, but one of the top names in the business is Trip Mega Mart. They develop some of the best travel websites being used worldwide. Some features set them apart from other competitors in the same market:

A new travel start-up online business has to find the perfect travel portal development company in order to flourish. A good travel portal solutions provider will develop an attractive and useful website at affordable rates for their clients. With the plethora of features on offer and the quality of the service delivered, Trip Mega Mart is the best choice for all travel companies.

What are the expected travel portal development costs?

There are numerous travel website design and development companies, each with their own products and their own pricing strategies. But business owners should remember that the best decision for any business has to be a balance between affordability and quality. This blend is perfectly exhibited by Trip Mega Mart.

  •  They have different plans at different price points
  • As the price for the plans go up, so do the number of features for the websites
  • The average price of a website is 1000$. But there are plans that cost less and plans that cost more than this
  • Individual travel agent portals can be added on to a website for a small extra charge
  • There is also an annual fee for the websites. This fee is 25% of the basic website plan. This fee assures continued GDS API integration service.

Online portals obviously require less investment than physical establishments. But the profits from online businesses are often substantially higher. Online travel agencies barely require any initial investment. The white label travel portal and marketing campaigns are the only expenditures. But over the years as the agency gains a reputation, it will attract a huge number of customers. Profits will soar.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your own business and watching it succeed. With online travel portals available at very affordable rates, every entrepreneur’s dream is now within reach.

Posted on 12-Jan-2015

Travel Portal Development