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Travel Portal Development - A Blessing for the Travel Industry

Travel Portal Development   A Blessing For The Travel Industry

The whole world is connected by the internet. Even people living in remote parts of the country have access to the internet. Information of every kind is available software to almost the entire world. Travel is also a major player in the internet world.

Whether it is simply to book an airline or rail ticket or to book a hotel accommodation, travel sites these are comprehensive information. They also offer recommendation about laws that may affect your flight plans and help you with visas, car rental, insurance to cover any eventualities like accidents or illnesses. They also cover insurance for lost baggage. These travel portals give you a whole range of information like what items are banned and some dos and don’ts at your destination. Many portals also make you culturally sensitive so that you don’t offend the locals by unknowingly insulting their traditions and culture.

Growing Passengers Create Business Opportunity

New airlines have sprung up and the existing ones have expanded their fleets and are offering new destinations and increased frequencies. At the same time, the travelling public has burgeoned to such extent that sometimes it is difficult to travel because all flights are booked. This generally happens during the summer holidays and festive season. It seems like the travel industry is trying hard to keep up with the growing number of travelers.

This has opened up the industry to new players. However, getting into the industry is not a cake walk. Some effort is required and complete knowledge is required. More importantly, a reputed and well-established portal developer is required to partner the new entity.

What is a Online Travel Portal?

Users can freely browse the functions on the website and make reservations and bookings accordingly. They don’t have to interact with anyone and everything is done in the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere. These travel portals also give you the options of several payment gateways so they can make payments and confirm the reservation.

What to Look for in a Travel Portal?

There are several companies that will help you start travel business online. The portal should be user friendly and comprehensive. It should cover all aspects of the travel business as well as the associated functions. For example, a portal should not only be selling tickets it should also provide services like car rental, hotel booking and other services the traveller may need. In addition, the travel agency software should have the following modules:

The software should be robust and future ready. The developers should be ready to tweak the software to be in sync with the business operations.

What are the Main Features of the Travel Agency Software?

This software is very comprehensive and covers everything in the travel business as well as other services that complement the travel business. The features include the following:

  • Low order processing costs.
  • Zero cost of interacting with customers
  • Statistical data helps to effectively manage the business
  • Instant bookings for hotels, flights, tour packages, car rental can be done within one website
  • Cancellation process is easy
  • Reservations for all aspects of travel is available in one website. For instance, tour packages, ticketing, car rental etc can be done in one portal.
  • Online website gives you global exposure and increases your revenue
  • All information is available on a real time basis.
  • Users can register and log in and get access to all the functions on the website. No need of a live agent.
  • The user can check out the availability of rooms, car, ticketing and other services offered by the travel portal
  • The travel agency can also get related activities such as User Management, Agent Management, Affiliate Management, Commission Management, Booking Management, Newsletter Management and many other services available on the online travel website.

Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company. it is a B2B and B2C White Label Travel Portal development company that designs website and will advise you on how to start Online travel business agency.

Before you finalise on the travel software it is advisable to appoint a software consultant who will be able to evaluate the software for you.

Posted on 22-Feb-2016

Travel Portal Development