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White Label Travel Portal in Lisbon

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As the capital of Portugal, the city of Lisbon offers a lively culture to the tourists. The city has a buzzing nightlife that runs parallel to the relaxing holidays that its beaches offer. The beauty of the city earns it a place in the list of world's best places to visit. This brings a large number of tourists to this place throughout the year, and gives agents the opportunity to start online travel business agency here.

Apart from Lisbon, there are various other cities in Portugal that make important contributions to the tourism of the country. For people who love to walk around old cities in the sunshine, Faro is an ideal location. The city offers a lively atmosphere that is great for holidays. Figueira da Foz is another city of Portugal that has a splendid beach for spending peaceful time. Guarda, Funchal, Guimarães, Leiria, Viseu, Viana do Castelo, and Évora are some of the other popular cities in Portugal where you can find a huge number of tourists to start travel business online.

Features of Travel Portals

Travel portals have various features that make them an essential tool for the industry. 

Easy Integration

Hiring a travel technology company will allow you to integrate various services to your portals. If you want to offer a car rental system to your customers, you can easily integrate the related features to your portal without needing to interrupt the ongoing workflow. If your business goals require you to partner with leading and multiple service providers, you can also do it conveniently with travel portals.


Opting to create B2B & B2C travel website with Trip Mega Mart will give you the flexibility to customize your portal. White label portals usually come with pre-existing features that are designed keeping in mind the demands of the industry. However, every business has some specific requirements, due to which customization is essential. You can add features that you consider as more relevant to your business. You can also optimize the content of the portal to enhance the traffic on the platform.

Technical Advancements

Portals allow you to implement various advanced technologies on the platform. This, in turn, can help you to automate all major tasks of your business and work at a much faster pace. With automation, you can make a minimum use of resources and yet achieve the same productivity. You can also use technologies such as a GDS integration service on your portal and collaborate with hotel and airline suppliers. This feature of a travel portal provides access to the current availability report of the providers.

Payment Gateways

Portals allow travelers to pay instantly for their purchases through secure gateways. This feature serves as an important contributor to the popularity of portals. Unlike travel websites that act merely as an informative platform, portals can perform more tasks. You can post information about travel destinations on your portal. In addition to this, you can also accept payments from travelers for services that they book through your platform.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Lisbon

White label portals can benefit your business in multiple ways.

Expert Assistance - Working with travel portals allow you to team up with individuals who have in-depth technical knowledge. When you hire companies like Trip Mega Mart, you get the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the technical requirements of the industry. With the assistance of such experts, you can resolve technical issues of your platform faster and offer a good user experience to the customers.

Business Growth - Business expansion becomes extremely convenient with the help of travel portals. With the expertise of companies like Trip Mega Mart you can network with a large number of people and obtain the required visibility for your company.

Product Options - Portals allow you to add a large number of products. Arranging accommodations or offering car rentals will be an easy task for you when you have the support of an efficient travel portal. You can then offer services like a holiday package system to your customers.

Conducting an online travel business can become hassle free if you have a well-built portal. With the help of a travel portal development company, you can add several features to your portal and gain a huge number of benefits from it.

Posted on 10-Aug-2022

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