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How White Label Solution Is Beneficial For the Low Budget Travel Business

How White Label Solution Is Beneficial For The Low Budget Travel Business

The tech revolution has eased the fund crisis faced by many companies. Today, computers can save not only time but also money. The long-gone offline methods of booking needed a huge amount of workforce to execute everything while not always being error free.

With the Start of Online Travel Business Agency, people could actually lower the manpower cost and even costs of maintaining an offline travel agency. Only an online presence with a simple website can do the trick for you. This way, customers can book directly from your website. Let us see how a travel portal solution can be beneficial for your company and what are the steps to building a successful website.

Benefits of an Online Travel Solution

There are a number of benefits that you can have if you make an online presence. Some of the main advantages include:

1.      Cost efficiency in business

2.      Reduced errors

3.      Central Reservation system

4.      Better record keeping

5.      Better customer satisfaction

Among all these benefits, the biggest part is the cost efficiency and how you can run a business without an office. All you need is a virtual office.

How to build an Online Travel Portal Solution

To Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal that has a booking engine for people to book through, you will have to follow some simple steps. Let us see the steps:

1.      Get a Domain: The first thing for building a website is buying a domain. While purchasing a domain, you should have in mind the traffic you expect. If you expect a huge traffic, then go for cloud based servers. But never go for any less than 1 GB RAM. This will ensure that your site doesn’t crash.

2.      Designing your Website: A great design always captivates the customer. Staying longer in your website increases your chances of selling to your customer. The more your customer spends time in your website, the more likely he is to buy from it.

3.      GDS Integration Service: GDS service or Global Distribution system is the technology by which a company links the booking services offered by Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers over the world. The service is offered by many Travel Portal Development Companies around the world.

4.      Search Engine Optimisation: What good is a website that cannot reach people? This is why you need to optimise your search engine for people to find you who are searching for contents relevant to yours. It is a free way to gain traffic.

5.      Advertisements: Even after following all the above processes, you may not be able to reach your full potential. This is where Ads will help you go all the way. Ads help you attain your potential to the highest.

Advantages of White label Travel Portal Development

White Label development is rather common nowadays. Not everyone has the knowhow to complete the whole process by themselves so trusting in Travel Portal Solutions is the best option for most of them. A Travel Portal Solution Company is also preferred by most people as there is a demand for professional touch in websites to attract people. It is also seen that the overall cost for a third party is actually less when it comes to building a travel agency online.

The Best Travel Portal Development Company for you

It is clear that there are too many companies out there to do the job, so which company should you rely on.

The first thing to look for is the Travel Website/Portal Development cost and compare it with different companies. But don’t just go for low charges, settle for a company that provides you a dynamic website. The website should ideally fetch any query within seconds or you may lose customers in the process.

Trip Mega Mart has always provided dynamic website at very affordable costs. While charges for other companies can go up to 2400 USD for any leading company, Trip Mega Mart charges 1000 USD for the same. This includes 24*7 tech support if you encounter any glitches. The company is into White label Travel Portal Development for about a decade and has served more than 900 customers.

So, hire your travel portal development company and start your dream of reaching customers at low costs.

Posted on 08-Feb-2016

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