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Myths about travel API and its integration

Myths About Travel Api And Its Integration

Travel APIs are a collection of services that are web-based, and when they are integrated into a travel booking website or platform, they enable access to various travel deals from numerous travel consolidators. By utilising a travel API into the software of a travel service provider, the provider can offer unmatched travel-related services like hotel bookings, train-bus-flight bookings, and so on.

The most common travel APIs that travel platforms use are: 

Hotel booking, Flight booking, Train booking, Car rentals, Cab booking, Airline services, Holiday package selection services, Airport lounge access, Cruise booking, and Bus central system. 

A few of the newest evolving travel start-ups are trying to simplifying travel by making bookings easy and offering more convenience to travelers by adding airport mapping API in the system. This API provides services such as washrooms, locating luggage drop, feeding rooms, restaurants, travel desk, immigration, porter services, luggage belt, currency exchange desk, and airport drop and pickup services. 

Difference between XML and the travel API integration 

People are usually aware of travel API but are often confused about XML. Extensible markup language is the complete form of XML. Generally, the travel API uses two protocols, namely XML and JSON. XML is helpful for SOAP API, and JSON is useful for REST API. While XML is an older protocol, JSON is the newer one. Therefore, integrating travel API needs to incorporate either of them, whichever is helpful for their business.

Myths about travel APIs

The concept of travel API and its integration is technical, so many people carry misconceptions about it. Here are some common myths about the API and its integration. 

1. Different API is required for B2B and B2C website 

It is one of the biggest myths as there are no different APIs for developing B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and B2E modules. Only a single API integration is required for the development of all of these modules.

2. Purchasing a travel API means the inclusion of development 

Upon purchasing a travel API, one only gets the ID and password for API access and documentation. The documentation includes the information of node requests and responses. It is the responsibility of the travel portal development company for the execution of design and development with API response data. 

3. APIs are a new technology

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces have been seen around since the advent of software. But this term was officially coined in the year 1968 for the first time. However, from the 1990s and the era of services and SOA, this service interface or API has been very well coupled with vendors and software products such as web methods, ESB, SOAP/ XML web services, and CORBA.

4. APIs are a technical topic

Though it may seem so, they're an edge towards giving a competitive advantage to the business in a world full of IT capabilities. APIs are a way to explore capabilities as products and provide freedom of interaction in the organization by making them more discoverable, autonomous, integrable by others, and managed like products. Thus APIs-as-a-product concept reinforces the idea that it is not just a technical topic.

5. APIs must be handled by the IT department

All the aspects of API-led transformation cannot be handled by the IT Department alone as APIs are designed more towards integration and technical interoperability between various services. Therefore, a proper mix of IT departments and development stakeholders, business stakeholders, including sales, compliance, and HR, needs to look into API integration together.

6. APIs need a business model

It is not true, as one can create every API with a dedicated business model in mind. Unless the company's product is an API, one should not think about the best business model for APIs, but instead, they should be thinking as what are the best APIs for my business model?

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Posted on 25-Jan-2016

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