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Revenue-Boosting Strategies for Travel Agents

Revenue Boosting Strategies For Travel Agents

With the technology growing day by day, our lives have become very comfortable. It is no news that most people rely on their smartphones to carry out most tasks. Same stands true for the travel industry as well. Most people trust online travel agencies over the traditional travel services. Many start online travel business agencies to reap the fruits of the same. Trip Mega Mart is one successful online travel agency.

This article will help you understand some strategies to boost revenue for your online travel portal solution. Creating a B2B/B2C travel website is one thing but making it profitable is a whole other story. Listed below are some ways to generate revenue for your travel portal development company.

1.)    Have a great website

The key to starting travel agency online is to have a stellar and crisp website. Any online business communicates with its customers through their website. So, having a website that delivers your core brand message is of utmost importance. Make sure that you deliver what you market.

If you are promising hundreds of hotel suppliers or airline suppliers, make sure that the landing page of your website conveys the same thing without having the user go through different pages. Also keep in mind not to include a lot of distracting pop-ups so the user doesn’t bounce off the page.

2.)    Have a good social media presence

It is imperative that you engage with audience on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Having good media presence and linking your socials to the website will provide some juice to your website which eventually helps in a higher Google search ranking.

People love to post about their vacation, trips on social media which you can use a free word of mouth marketing by running various contests and getting people to tag you. Strategies like these will help drive more traffic to the website which will lead to higher sales.

3.)    Offer packages

Many people around vacations are looking for holiday package system for their family. This is another great way to push people to use your services. Combine different offerings you have from flight booking engines or hotel booking engines to offer exciting deals. Around the holiday season many people prefer opting for a holiday package as that seems more convenient than making bookings individually.

If you offer attractive deals then the customers will most definitely remember to check your deals for the next season too.

4.)    Provide added value

Customers love it when they feel appreciated which is why they will give you a shoutout that is great for organic reach. For the customers that make booking through your travel website, make sure to give them something extra, something on top of what they have already paid for.

It could be a free lunch, a free dinner, complimentary drinks or even a free cab ride. This will ensure that the customers come back to you because you provide value and not just services.

5.)    Encourage customers to leave reviews

If you are indeed providing value to your customers other than just fulfilling their demands that any other travel portal solution will do, you’re on the right path. Most customers like to let you know that they enjoyed your service when they feel they were truly cared for.

Still, you should encourage your customers to leave feedback for your services. This has 2 benefits – one, you have more chances of ranking higher because Google sees you as a trustworthy website. Second – new users seeing previous satisfied customers are more likely to use your services. This builds trust in users that you deliver what you promise.

Running a website is definitely not an easy task – we know that. Especially establishing yourself in today’s competitive travel industry takes continuous effort, patience and perseverance. Trip Mega Mart is a great example of these qualities.

If you care for your consumers, provide what you market, there is nothing that can stop you from running a successful business. Follow these 5 revenue-generating strategies, be consistent and see the change in your business. The base of all this is to keep in mind that customers come first and as a business, you should always be striving for customer satisfaction.

Posted on 27-Jun-2016

Travel Portal Development