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Travel Portal Development in Doha

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Doha is among the best tourist destinations in Qatar. This capital city offers a splendid view along with luxurious accommodations that gives tourists a great experience to gain. Apart from the extravagant man-made structures that stand tall in this city, there are also historical museums that art lovers rejoice in. All these serve as an ideal condition for travel agents to start travel agency online in Doha.

Qatar has several other cities and towns that find tourists in huge numbers. Al Wakra, a major producer of pearls, is also a well-known place for experiencing the history of Qatar. It has a gallery where tourists can catch a glimpse of marine life. Khawr Al Udayd is an inland area in Qatar that offers a unique combination of sea and barrel desert. Travelers seeking a peaceful holiday arrive here to gain the best experiences of their life. Other popular cities include Mesaieed, Al Khor, Al Zubara, and Madinat Al-Shamal. All these cities are fondly explored by travelers from different parts of the world. This is why a travel portal solution is essential for agents.

WhyTravel Portal Development in Doha?

There are various ways that travel portals can help you to grow your business to its fullest capacity.

  • Increased Visibility
    A travel portal solution is an excellent way of acquiring a global presence for your business. A majority of travellers prefer purchasing products over the internet. This makes portals an inescapable platform. You can collaborate with a number of airline and hotel suppliers and pitch your products to a larger audience. With professional portal developers like TripMega Mart, you can also make your portal optimized for search engines and increase traffic on the platform.
  • More Sales
    Portals allow GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration that helps in partnering with suppliers of various flights and hotels. This can have a great impact on your sales as the combination of diverse products and better visibility means customers would find your agency a one-stop-shop. Both airlines and accommodation are important aspects of traveling. If travelers can get both the products on a single platform, they would definitely not want to miss it. To facilitate sales further, you can offer customers a discount on the booking of a holiday package system. With Trip Mega Mart you can make your portal compatible with the servers of various service providers.
  • Ease of Administration
    Managing travel businesses with a travel agency software becomes much more convenient. This is mainly because portals support different technologies that can let you work more efficiently with less effort. For instance, you can hire Trip Mega Mart to design dashboards that both your customers and administrators can use. Building a separate dashboard helps in organizing the activities. You can maintain track of your administrative works while your customers are able access their purchase details.
  • Save More
    Portals help in bringing down the cost of running travel businesses. With automation, you can employ less resources in your agency and yet achieve all the goals of your business. With a GDS integration service on your portal, you can complete most part of the service booking process without any manual intervention. This, couldlet you save some money.

Features of Travel Portals
There are certain features that you must consider when opting for a tourism portal development.

  • Payment Gateway - Travelers must have the option to make payments on the portal. You must hire skilled portal developers like Trip Mega Mart to build reliable gateways.
  • Map Integration - Integrating your portal to Google map can be a great way of conducting a clear communication with customers. You can let customers find details of the chosen location.
  • Filter Options - Your portal must have relevant options to filter search results and obtain the desired information. This feature helps customers to save time in searching for travel products.

Travel portals can be great tools to start travel business online in cities like Doha. You can hit more sales, find more customers, manage your business administration better, and work cost effectively. But to enhance the utility of the platform, you must add certain features on it like map and payment integration. Experienced portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart can let you implement all essential features on your portal.

Posted on 22-Jun-2024

White Label Travel Portal in Qatar