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How is CRM Software Useful for Start-up Travel Agencies

How Is Crm Software Useful For Start Up Travel Agencies

A CRM software can always give you an edge over other competitors whichever business you get into. If you want to Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal, CRM software is what you need. CRM, short of Customer Relationship Management system is a software that takes care of your customer database and how you manage them.

Some companies have to work with a very small unit of people. To be on the right track and in sync with each other, we can turn to any reliable CRM software and everything will be good. CRM software also helps us manage our workload efficiently.

Let us see what CRM does to our sales leads and company work management as a whole.

Why do you need CRM software?

If you are thinking it right, then you will want to give an experience to your customers in such a fashion that they keep coming back for more. To do this, you will need to provide your customers with such an experience that they are happy.

Though the industry is growing fast, travel is not a business for all seasons. It is always good to know the trend and act accordingly. This will keep your customers awed and your business going. So how can you retain your customers and keep a good relationship with them? if you are thinking How to start up an online travel business and retain your customers, then here are some points.

  • Providing tailor-made packages for travel
  • Engaging your customers in conversations
  • Offering fantastic discounts
  • Loyalty program introduction

If you want all these things to materialize, then you will need to get insights about your customers that your competitors do not have. A CRM software comes into play here. Travel Agency Software developed by Travel Website/Portal Design & Development companies support CRM software to help you with your job.

What Does CRM do?

A CRM software is a Database management system. Imagine your customer logging into your website with his credentials and getting suggestions about his favorite activities from your Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System because you have fitted it with the data beforehand. This is what CRM software can do.

But CRM is mostly designed to help you understand all your customers and their interests closely. Let us make a list of what CRM does for you.

  1. Customer travel and contact information in one screen
  2. Automated information collection through social media
  3. Putting SMS, Call, Email, and chat history in a single database
  4. Tracking all customer movements and keeping records of all services offered to them in reply to their queries.

GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration can do wonders for you. a CRM will add more. Your customers can self-service themselves once they are on your website. But leaving your website and coming back to discover that they have been remembered, is going to keep them to you.

Integrating good CRM in an online agency

Before you integrate CRM into your website, you must know if you are getting a good one for yourself. So how do you decide what is good and what's not. Here are some parameters to consider.

  • Hoisting - Cloud-based? good. If not, think twice.
  • Flexibility - Does your CRM allow custom settings? Can your employee mould them according to his need?
  • Customization - Your CRM should have a little room for customization as you see fit.
  • Multiple Application Integration - Your CRM should make sales better by integrating itself with multiple applications.

The Best CRM Providers in the market

There are a lot of companies out there that do the job. Travel Portal Development Companies also provide CRM support. I have found Trip Mega Mart to provide one of the best Travel Portal Solutions on budget. The company does White label Travel Portal Development and boasts about a decade-long experience in the industry. They can easily connect Airline Suppliers and Hotel Suppliers in a single GDS Integration Service that allows CRM as well.

The system they provide is very dynamic and responds to any customer query within a matter of seconds.

I have also found Trip Mega Mart to be very pocket-friendly. The 1000 USD charged by them is really low for a year of service if you look at the competitive prices.

Posted on 04-Apr-2016

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