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How much does it cost to develop an excellent Job Portal

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Excellent Job Portal

What does an average job portal cost? The most question asked by business person when they want to develop one to start a job counselling business. Today, when job portals have become extremely important, there is no firm statement about job portals' cost. However, several factors determine your portal's price to help you save costs depending on your desires. If you want to know these factors, keep reading the article to the end. 

Cost of Job Portal Development:

There is no fixed price for a job portal development. It varies depending on the agency fee, developer's rate, features, API's, hosting services and many other factors. However, we can estimate the average price of a job portal, including all necessary components, ranges from $800 to almost $7000. However, it is not a clear-cut figure. We estimated it based on our experiences, and it might go beyond the range. Let us see various things that can evaluate your budget.

Web Type:

The web and App type of your portal decides the budget of your website. If you want to integrate an app with your website, then it will increase the cost. You can incorporate three app types into the website: the native app, hybrid app, and web applications. A native app is very outdated, and many cheap and quality native apps are available in the market. 

On the other hand, hybrid apps were introduced a few years ago, and their rates are higher due to their quality and fewer developers. Web applications, which are a combo of website and app in the same package, are the latest technology nowadays and will cost you higher depending on the types of services. We can integrate all three types of Apps into our portal effectively. However, the latest types include some unique features that come at a cost.

The Complexity of Job Portal:

The complexity of the job portal is another factor that determines the cost to start a job counselling business. Complexity refers to the number of features you want to include in your websites, user interface, and user experience and data management capabilities. If you wish to advance features with smooth data management, there will be a high cost.

As the competition between jobs, portals is increasing every day, and every company wants to excel in its job portal. Therefore, we cannot underestimate complexity in any case. An attractive user interface and advanced features are compulsory for user experience and for the recruiters to manage the data effectively.

Developers Rate and Agency fee:

Developer's rate and agency fee is another factor that determines the budget of job search website development. Two types of development cost schemes work in the market; Fix rate by agency or per hour rate by developers. Both of these schemes are good in some scenarios while lacks in others. 

It is always recommended to connect with some experienced web development company for online hiring website design at fixed fees. It is a complex task and is not recommended to hand over to some inexperienced one. However, you can find many experienced developers at cheap rates on freelancing websites at per hour rate. Many developers on these websites are from developing countries and do your task efficiently at lesser rates. 

Secure Payment Gateway:

Secure payment gateway affiliation is another factor that adds to the cost of online hiring website design as it connects to thousands of applicants and employers worldwide and must include some registration fee and income gateway. Therefore, it is compulsory to choose a payment gateway that is secure and reliable.

App Platform:

App platform is another factor that adds to the cost of Job search website design. It depends on your target audience whether you want to use it as a single platform or use it as a cross-platform app. Single platforms apps are cost-efficient than cross-platform apps. However, the final decision solely depends on your target audience.

Maintenance and Updates:

Once the website is ready, maintenance and update cost come into play. There can be several bugs, addition and removal of features and other problems. Therefore, there is always a need for revisions, maintenance and updates. However, it is not a base cost, but it's a very costly thing for future job portals.

Need a Web Development Services?

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Final Remarks:

However, there are no hard rules to determine the cost of job portal design, but we can figure out various factors that help determine the cost. We tried to figure out all the factors shortlisted by our experts, which are necessary for analyzing the cost to develop a job portal.

We hope that this article helps you analyze all factors useful for cost analysis of job search website design. If you still have any queries in mind, feel free to contact us for any help!

Posted on 08-Oct-2012