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How Do I Build White Label Travel Portal for My Start-up Travel Agency

How Do I Build White Label Travel Portal For My Start Up Travel Agency

A travel agency is handicapped if it does not have a working website of its own. Websites help in making a global reach for any company. But the best companies are those who produce dynamic websites of their own to take bookings and serve customers directly through the Flight Booking Engine or Hotel Booking Engine installed in their website.

To Start an Online Travel Business Agency there is not much you need to know. The process too is very smooth. Let us see the process to getting your online company started.

The Online Shift

The online shift is a smooth process. You really need to follow some quick steps to achieve it.


1.      Buy a Domain: The first thing to do is but a domain for yourself. The domain extension of your choice and the volume your traffic should be taken into account. If you expect a huge traffic then it is advisable to go for cloud based servers but never go for less than 1 GB RAM.

2.      Design your website: The key to How to get develop a website is the website design. The better your design is, the more your chances are of engaging customers. It has been seen that spending more time in a website increases the chance of purchase.

3.      Optimise for search engines: SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an important part for any company. SEO ensures that your website is discoverable by people who are searching for relevant keywords. A good SEO can put you at the top of the search result and increase your traffic drastically.

4.      Flight & Hotel API integration: Integrating API in your system is one of the most crucial part of the whole process. This is how you get your customers to book directly from your website. Here is the part where you get commissions.

5.      Advertisements on search engines: Even after your SEO, you may not reach your full potential. This is where ads will help you go the distance.

Changes After Online Shift

Once you have shifted and made your presence online, you will see some visible changes. Airline Suppliers and Hotel Suppliers will get bookings from you directly. You will see a rise in the sales. You will also see reduced human errors being made. There will be lesser investments from your part towards your company. Overall, you will see a better performance from your company within a very short amount of time. If you are unsure how to execute all the process, then consider contacting a Travel Portal Development Company to do the job for you. There are a lot of companies out there that do the job.

Trip Mega Mart has a very good reputation among customers and has been in the field for about a decade with a customer base of more than 900. They are specialised in White label Travel Portal Development and are capable of producing really dynamic websites. Producing a dynamic website is really important as the customers can get really impatient if a website does not respond to a query. With the wide number of hotels and airline companies who have registered themselves in the internet, it can take forever to search for a particular query if the site or the booking engine is non responsive.

Trip Mega Mart provides a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system that fetches any query within seconds.

Also, the Travel Website/Portal Development cost is something to keep in mind as it may cost you too much if you invest in the wrong company. While other companies can charge up to 2400 USD for a year, Trip Mega Mart starts its offer from 1000 USD. This includes the 24*7 tech support for any glitches that you may encounter.

Today the competition is really tight when it comes to Travel Portal Solution so be sure to check all these parameters before you pick one for yourself. But more than that, beware of fake companies trying to scam you as this is a nuisance spread across the whole world.

So, Build a White Label Travel Portal for your company and Start-up your Travel Agency to get into the trend.

Posted on 02-Jun-2022

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