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When you are in UAE, there is just so much that the place has to offer. Many come for the famous Burj Khalifa, but there are other attractions as well which may leave you awestruck. Take the example of a shopping mall with an aquarium and indoor ski slopes or the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary with its Flamingos. Dubai has it all. From the markets in Deira to the Jumeriah Mosque and Beach, customers won’t get bored. So, if you are a travel agent based in UAE, then there is ample opportunity for you.

The Online Shift

Today most companies try to shift their businesses online. This ensures two things:

  1. Better record keeping and zero human error.

  2. Cost-efficient office management.

Most of the people who want to create a B2B & B2C travel website/portal are looking to tap into booking with hotel and airline suppliers over the world. But what really sets you apart is how you manage the local bookings. It is about the unique set of experiences that you provide your customers with, and that is what sets you apart.

How Do You Shift Online?

Imagine a flight and hotel central reservation system that allows all the leading airline agencies to be booked with boutique hotels. This way, customers from all over the world can book your hotel that can not be found elsewhere. In this manner, you get to sell a bundled pack for your uniqueness. To create a system like this, all you need to do is make a flight and hotel API integration in your website.

A travel portal development company can take care of your needs. For example, try out Trip Mega Mart, and you will be surprised how they can help you re-strategize your travel business policies.

Technical Details You Need to Know

After you have created your website, you will need to write SEO friendly articles so that the customers are able to search you up. A GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration comes next. This will ensure that all your customers can book from your website itself. Do check the responsiveness of your search engine or booking engine when you buy one.

The Best Travel Portal Development Company

While buying a hotel booking engine or a flight booking engine, dynamic websites with responsive engines are what you look for. Many companies have been scammed, and so it is important to find out a genuine company that will take care of your travel website/portal development cost for you. This is where Trip Mega Mart comes into the picture to cater to one of the most dynamic websites at really affordable rates. They are a white label travel portal development company, and the GDS integration service provided by them is one of the best that you can ask for.

So, Start travel business online and link your local contacts to your global audience and watch your business grow to heights that you had never thought of before. You will be surprised how your business changes for the better, and your returns come back to you manifold.

Travel Portal Development In Uae

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