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White Label Travel Portal in Muscat

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How is Muscat exploring the potential of its tourism industry?

Muscat is the capital of Oman and located right along the coast of the Gulf of Oman. But its natural harbor is not the only interesting landscape feature near the city. The city is also surrounded by mountains on one side and desert on the other, which allows tourists to experience a massive blend of scenic views from a single location. There are also lots of heritage sites in Muscat that reflect its colonial past and ancient history.

Some other cities in Oman worth visiting are Salalah, Sur, Sohar, etc. The people of Oman have realized the potential of the travel and tourism sector in their country and are trying to maximize it to its fullest by using white label travel portals in Muscat to reach an international tourist community.

Travel portal solutionsin Muscat at the best prices

White label travel portals are changing the game in the travel industry of Muscat. These pre-made websites are customized with very little investment and can be turned into unique business brands within just a few days.

Trip Mega Mart is extremely skilled in white label travel portal development and is the top travel portal design and development company in Oman. This internationally acclaimed firm creates B2B and B2C travel portals for its white label portfolio that sells at very reasonable prices. Clients pick out a website framework they like and the site is then customized with the business name and branding and other preferences provided by the client. Trip Mega Mart offers seven-day delivery on the business plan of your dreams.

Clients pick out the scale of their travel portal solution from Trip Mega Mart (local/regional/international customer access). Once the site is delivered, the business owner is ready to work their magic. They have to use marketing strategies to bring attention to their site’s design and capabilities and build a loyal customer base.

For the first year Trip Mega Mart offers technical support for free. From the second year all Trip Mega Mart clients have to pay a mandatory maintenance fee for their site which is near about 25% of the original price of their website while label model.

Trip Mega Mart clients also do not have to take on the expenditure and hassle of getting a separate mobile application of their site, because Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are directly compatible on all sorts of devices.

Features and functions a travel business cannot miss out on

Let us take a look at a list of features that is common across all successful travel e-commerce businesses. These features are also all prominent in the Trip Mega Mart white label portfolio.

• All Trip Mega Mart sites can collect information in real time from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and use it to run flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. These booking engines increase the ease of usage of customers who do not have to wade through ten different websites and can get all their info in one portal

• Trip Mega Mart is able to run its booking engines using a world class GDS integration service that can also run holiday package systems and car rental systems

• A native payment gateway with security layers protects the transactions made on all these booking engines. Third-party payment portals can also be integrated without much modification and effort

• Trip Mega Mart sites also carry forward their concept of user-convenience into their website design philosophy. All the sites are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. (But this does not come at a compromise with visual appeal. All the sites have their unique branding and look pleasing to the eye).

There are hundreds of other features that Trip Mega Mart clients can choose from for their website. But the focus of Trip Mega Mart developers is not solely on the customer. They also give importance to the needs of the website owner and there are some admin access features that can be controlled without making any coding changes.

Oman’s travel and tourism industry is rapidly climbing towards a peak and if you also want to be a part of this uphill movement then book your first appointment with Trip Mega Mart today. Become a business owner with the freedom to make your own decisions and enjoy the full benefits of your hard work.

Posted on 08-Aug-2022

Travel Portal Development in Oman