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Small travel start-up online businesses need to create an online portal for their brand. They can choose a white label travel portal development company. But travel businesses must ensure that their portal is API integrated.

The leading travel portal development company of India with API integrated white label travel portal solutions is Trip Mega Mart. This company is known to have GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. With them Car rental systems and holiday package systems with API integration are also available.

Trip Mega Mart is a reliable solution for travel businesses in India. Their services are also very affordable. A white label travel portal development plan for B2C websites starts from Rs 30,000. The costs can go up to Rs 60,000 depending on the additional features and customization chosen by the client. This company also has a feature to add B2B2C portal for individual travel agents for Rs 15,000 extra.

The travel industry in India is being revolutionized at present with the emergence of online travel portals. These portals make planning trips and booking hotels and flight much easier for customers. But in order for these travel portals to be effective they need to come with a GDS-API integration system. A GDS system allows for real-time updating of hotel bookings and flight bookings on a travel portal.

An easy way for small travel businesses to get a GDS integrated portal is to purchase the services of a white label travel portal development company. One of the leading businesses in travel portal solutions sector of India is Trip Mega Mart. This tried and tested company has GDS, XML &API flight and hotel integration. Car rental systems and holiday package systems can also be added.

The services at Trip Mega Mart are also available at low cost. A B2C travel portal from this company can cost you a minimum of only Rs 30,000. Prices can go as high as Rs 60,000 depending on the services the portal wants to host.

But online travel start ups can also try to replicate this level of success. All that they have to do is to purchase a white label travel portal with GDS integrated service like flight booking engines and hotel booking engines built in it.

One of the best travel portal solutions company in India that is offering this service is Trip Mega Mart. Businesses that purchase a white label portal from this company only have to come up with the marketing and branding for their business. The API integration and website development and customization are taken care of by Trip Mega Mart itself. The travel just has to purchase a B2C or B2B website from them and pay an annual fee for continued service.

API integration is essential for all travel portals. But the API integration does not go live until and unless the website meets all the standards of the GDS API supplier and gets certified from them. One of the most reliable solutions for API integrated travel portals is Trip Mega Mart which is a white label travel portal development company. They use Amadeus API and Galileo API for their B2B or B2C websites that come with GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. Trip Mega Mart is renowned globally for its travel portal solutions. They also have travel mobile application development services to ensure that a travel portal works smoothly across all devices.

Trip Mega Mart has different plans at different price points depending on the number of features that are requested by the person who wishes to start online travel business agency. A basic B2C portal starts at Rs 30,000 and a more advanced customized portal costs around Rs 60,000.

In order to choose a perfect supplier of API integration a travel business has to perform very complex calculation regarding profits retained from each transaction on the portal. There is also the issue of getting API certified by developing a website that meets all the standards of the GDS API supplier. These steps are usually very difficult for small online travel start-ups to execute.

The best solution for them is to choose a white label travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart that comes with GDS, XML &API flight and hotel integration built into it. Trip Mega Mart also allows for car rental systems, hotel supplier lists and holiday package systems to be integrated into the portal. Travel businesses can just purchase a B2C or B2B white label travel portal from them and customize it with their brand name. This process is simple, easy and effective. Trip Mega Mart is a leader in the travel portal solutions market and their clients earn very well through their own online travel portals.

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