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Start Online Travel Agency Business in Saudi Arabia

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the major countries where the tourism rate is high. It is the 2nd biggest tourist spot. Saudi Arabia is famous for its oil reserves and also it has the world's largest 2nd Sand desert(Rub-Al-Khali). It is also the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. The landscapes of Saudi Arabia attract many tourists. Few Popular tourist places are:

  • Riyadh: Riyadh is a place that maintains its historical significance. They welcome tourists with so much love. Riyadh has both historical buildings and modern architectural buildings.
  • Al Jubail: This city is situated in Saudi Arabia. This city is famous for its scenic beauty and famous for Industries.
  • Medina: Saudi Arabia has a very famous city known as Medina. It is one of the very important religious cities as this is the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad. This city has various restaurants and shopping complexes also. Tourists love to visit here because of religious importance.

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Posted on 29-Jun-2024

White Label Travel Portal in Saudi Arabia