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Role of Travel Portal API in Travel Software Development

Role Of Travel Portal Api In Travel Software Development

People love to travel but do not want to go into the hassle of reservations. People have now started preferring all-in-one-place platforms to make reservations instead of hopping to different websites. These platforms have reshaped the customer's user experience by simplifying the whole process. 

What is travel API in travel software development?

In simple terms, a travel API can be defined as a service which is largely web-based and it enables a travel agent to integrate API wholesaler inventory or third-party GDS into the travel agent's reservation system Travel API or website. It provides them access to a huge amount of content related to the travel industry thereby granting them complete control of payments. 

The APIs connect functionalities and data streams along with a number of software products that link them to each other without any source code. If a person runs a hotel business, the customers can rent a cab straight from the hotel's website by integrating the room reservation engine with the local cab rental providers. Thus, the customer's life becomes more accessible as they don't have to browse through the web to rent a cab.

One can opt for travel-package APIs from one of these, such as Escapia Vacation Rental Network API, TripAdvisor Content API, AdventureLink API, Travel Portal API, G Adventures API, Qtravel API, and Hoseasons API.

How to get a Travel API?

To get an API, one must work out an agreement with the providers of GDS/API. An already existing client who gives good business, might be provided free API. Every GDS/API provider has their strengths and limits along with offering competitive rates. However, to incorporate a travel API, the cost varies from USD 1500 to 4000 as per to the company's level. Trip Mega Mart is the best travel API, provider.

Advantages of Travel APIs for travel software development

Travel API integrated portals have many advantages such as:

  • Control over the complete process of booking
  • Real-time availability and rates of global content 
  • Adding up mark-ups on the net rates for revenue maximization
  • Focus on the core competencies like conversion and marketing ratios for traffic targeted
  • Receiving payment directly
  • Providing dynamic information through XML pages 

Best Travel APIs for travel portals

The most common travel APIs that travel platforms use are: 

Hotel booking, Flight booking, Train booking, Car rentals, Cab booking, Airline services, Holiday package selection services, Airport lounge access, Cruise booking, and Bus central system. 

Role of travel portal APIs in travel software development 

Some of the latest evolving travel start-ups are working on simplifying travel by making bookings effortless and offering more convenience to travelers by including airport mapping API in the system. This API provides services like locating luggage drop, washrooms, feeding rooms, travel desk, restaurants, immigration, luggage belt, porter services, currency exchange desk, and airport pickup and drop services. 

Nowadays, leading travel software development companies are trying to move on from building their new products and services and are striving to build a software portal that will change travel start-ups along with the third-party companies to connect themselves to their system of sales.

A quicker, efficient, and possibly more profitable model for any travel portal is to avail services or license third-party services and products through API. Such a business model can start generating revenue in a few weeks or months' time. Some of the essential types of APIs which are used in travel software development are :

  • Complete booking and coverage of reservation
  • Flights data: airfares, routes, ratings, delays 
  • Reservation of hotel room APIs from channel manager and connectivity 
  • Cab or car rentals
  • Business travels
  • Public reviews and ratings
  • Public transportation
  • Things to do, attractions, restaurants and day tours
  • Attraction APIs and a packaged tour from channel managers

One such name that surfaces is Trip Mega Mart, a B2B Travel portal development company with an easy-to-use interface that responds instantly with travel agency software integration. This company is experienced in creating travel portal websites and applications with API solutions providing transparent and secure portal development GDS Integration Service such as GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration It also looks after the white label portal development for any travel start-up. 

Posted on 16-Oct-2020

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