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How Travel Companies can automate their B2B business with sub-agents

How Travel Companies Can Automate Their B2b Business With Sub Agents

The online world is competitive to work in. If you are in the travel industry, then B2B is a good proposal for you. You might have a good connection with hotel services and Airline companies, but a fewer number of customers to sell.

This is where sub-agents with a good grip over their customer base can come in handy. Many companies want to Start Online Travel Business Agency but cannot, due to the expense. These companies are always searching for global platforms that offer Flight Booking Engines and Hotel Booking Engines for them. They want to earn a commission every time they book through the engine.

Let us see how sub-agents can help us bring out better revenue from the market.

Benefits of sub-agents in the Travel Industry

The sub-agent model makes it easier for bigger companies to run their business as it takes a monstrous amount of burden away from their head. Let us see the biggest benefits a sub-agent model has.

  • Distribution of a large number of resources for ease of work.
  • Filtration of customers and service according to grade.
  • Promotional activities in every nook and corner.
  • Cost efficiency in planning and execution.

Why do you need a sub-agent program?

Flight & Hotel API integration will not attract customers by itself. A Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System needs customers to book. That is exactly what your sub-agents will provide you with. It is not possible to SEO all of our pages or advertise every time, having a sub-agent plan takes care of all these. In addition, it does not pinch your pocket very hard.

Your sub-agent programs

If you have investors and want to start a travel agency onlinethen you will need your website and a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration to go with it. This will let you book with customers from all over the world. what you need to do now is create a sub-agent code so that they can get their commission at the time of check out. This way you can control who gets how much.

How do you integrate the sub-agent program on your website?

If you have your website ready, you can ask your sub-agents to book from the website itself. On the other hand, Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers can directly be reached from your website after paying your commission.

You can also charge a small amount every time someone books an exclusive deal from you. GDS Integration Service can do all of these for you.

Things to Watch out for while choosing a Development Company

While choosing your Travel Portal Development Company to take care of your sub-agent mechanism, you must make sure your company provides you with the state-of-the-art technology. It is important that you also see that you are not falling into the trap of a fraudulent company. Several companies can lead you into spending money and gaining nothing in return.

You should also ensure that the system provided to you is dynamic enough to retrieve any information within seconds so that your sub-agents and customers don't have to keep waiting.

The Best Company to integrate your sub-agent program

The company to provide you with a sub-agent handling program must be well acquainted with Travel Portal Solution systems. Trip Mega Mart has experience of about a decade in handling anything related to Tourism Portal DevelopmentThey are a White label Travel Portal Development company with a customer base of more than 900 customers. The company delivers a dynamic website that responds within seconds to any customer query.

The Travel Website/Portal Development cost is also low if you look at the current scenario in the market. While other companies may charge up to 2400 USD per year for website development charges, Trip Mega Mart charges 1000 USD for the whole year inclusive of tech support. Their support is also very good and available 24*7 for any glitches that you may encounter.

So if you are in the travel business and expanding fast, you might want to consider going with the trend and employing a few sub-agents to do your job of finding customers. That way, both can benefit from a common point.

Posted on 18-Apr-2016

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