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Start Online Travel Agency Business in Australia

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Australia

Australia is a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes and natural treasures. It attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world due to its stunning beaches, modern cuisine, and amazing wildlife. In order to break into the domestic or international tourism sector of Australia, one needs to develop a travel portal solution.

How to Start Online Travel Business Agency?

To start a travel business online, the first and foremost requirement is to create a website where customers can be directed. In order to attract more customers this website needs to act as a comprehensive platform for all travel requirements. Flight booking engines and hotel booking engines are the most important features of travel portals. These search engines require GDS integration in order to provide real-time information.

But GDS API integration suppliers have strict requirements for website development. The quickest and most economical method of creating any API compliant travel agency software is to purchase the services of a white label travel portal development company. A white label travel portal has all the basic features of travel websites built into it along with GDS integration, and it can be customized with the client’s business name and branding.

Using a White Label Travel Portal

Trip Mega Mart is a very well-established travel portal development company with many years of experience in the global travel sector. The features of their websites are:

  • All their travel portals have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration
  • Their create travel websites of B2B or B2C type
  • Some extra features that can be added on to the websites are car rental systems, holiday package systems, hotel supplier lists, airline supplier lists
  • The websites are equipped with all the essential requirements of a travel business. They travel business does not have to contact individual API suppliers and go through complicated negotiations with them. All a travel business has to do is choose a travel portal they like and then promote their portal to the target market.

 Tourism Portal Development Cost

Trip Mega Mart websites are very reasonable. There are different plans for different price ranges, each with a slight variation in the number of features available. Established travel businesses looking to shift online or new start-ups hoping to carve out their own space, there is a website to fit everyone’s budget. On an average a website on Trip Mega Mart costs around 1,300 AUD. They also charge an annual fee of 15% for the maintenance and continuation of API services. Customers who prefer to do so can also develop a travel mobile application for their portal.

In 2019 tourism contributed nearly 3% of the GDP of Australia. Travel and tourism is a fast-growing sector of the Australian economy and entrepreneurs who will get in on this business will quickly reap huge rewards in the future. An efficient website from a reputed white label travel portal development company is just the boost that a new travel business requires to carve out its own space in the competitive world of Australian tourism.

Posted on 29-Jun-2024

Travel Portal Development in Australia