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White Label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Nigeria

White Label Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In Nigeria

Nigeria, officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is situated in West Africa. This country is also known as the 'Giant of Africa' considering its large population and economy. There are many places to explore in Nigeria, including Lagos, the port city of Calabar, unique Cameroon, old kingdoms, desserts, ancient city Kano and Yankari National Park. Nigeria is a bubbling cauldron of art and culture, music, diverse cultures, and natural scenic beauty.

Nigeria may be the most underrated country due to unrest in the country or difficult political situations. However, to experience the rich culture, unique wildlife, and diverse geography of this emerging country, one needs to offer all-inclusive travel packages, including the tourists' safety and security. Therefore, white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Nigeria can significantly contribute to developing tourism and establishing a travel business in Nigeria.

 What Does One Mean by White Label Travel Portal?

A white label travel portal or website allows the travel broker to book and sell flights, book hotels, plan holidays, arrange for bus services, etc., to the customers quickly and straightforwardly. They can also control online financial transactions while running numerous surveys to help the business's smooth working. 

Nowadays, on the hit list are tailor-made travel portals as they are easy to use. However, these tailor-made solutions are favorable to those travel brokers who often face difficulties in getting themselves a proper personalized travel solution within their limited budgets.

 How is This Beneficial?

In a travel API, white label solutions mean utilizing a third-party software while safeguarding their brand parallelly. The white label solution can include a flight hunt, hotel search, or solution for payment in the industry. Thus, a White Label Travel Portal is, in reality, a web booking engine with hotels, flights, transfers, sightseeing, and holiday packages for travel firms and startups for travel agencies.

 Characteristics of the Online Reservation System:

It has an adjustable and quick booking engine

It is scalable, secure, and a robust reservation architecture

Its booking engine is fully customizable 

It offers Cost-effective solutions

It has an adaptable interface

It provides a consolidated payment gateway

It offers Multi-lingual assistance

How to Set Up A White Label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in Nigeria? 

Trip Mega Mart is a White label Travel Portal Development company providing services to create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal. Its white-label solution permits multiple currencies in various languages. It also allows flight search for numerous cities that partner with Trip Mega Mart White Label solution to enhance the travel services across the world with ease and support. It also extends B2B and B2C speedy payment gateway consolidation for online payments.

White label website/portal or an application should have all the following integrated APIs such as:

Hotel Booking Engine

Airline suppliers

Bus bookings

Hotel suppliers

Flight Booking Engine

Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System

Car rental system

Holiday package system

For building such thorough white label travel portals or websites and applications, one wants a clear and reliable API solution providing GDS Integration Service such as GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration.

Trip Mega Mart provides white label travel solutions most economically. Choosing their services is a good choice for those travel agents with a limited budget and cannot spare excess time and energy to invest in creating a B2B/B2C white label travel booking engine/website while they want to have a strong online presence. The company makes sure that the Travel Website/Portal Development price does not disrupt the budget limits, making any travel business profitable. The company's white-label technology on any travel-based website qualifies the customer to be a web-based travel agency providing all services.

Nigeria is looking forward to an upsurge in the travel industry with white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Nigeria.

Posted on 10-Mar-2014

Travel Portal Development in Nigeria