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Start Travel Agency Business in Nairobi

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Bring wildlife lovers to their heaven with a tourism business in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of the country of Kenya. Kenya in general and especially Nairobi is known all over the world for its world famous wildlife diversity. Wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts plan for their entire lifetimes to spend a few weeks in Nairobi. The city houses the Nairobi National Park and there are many other forest safaris that set off from this city.

Other cities in Kenya like Mombasa, Kisumu, Maralal all have their own natural beauty and wildlife parks to attract tourists. Wildlife tourism is a major contributor to Kenya’s economy and now it has become very easy to start a travel agency business in Nairobi. Entrepreneurs no longer have to spend on expensive travel agency offices, they can build online travel portal solutions to serve their international customers.

Shifting from physical offices to travel portal development: Nairobi’s tourism trajectory

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to become an online business owner, but are unsure of how to begin because you come from a non-technical background, then Trip Mega Mart is the perfect solution for you. Trip Mega Mart is an international travel portal design and development company that has built its reputation out of building highly successful white label travel portals.

The steps to make a purchase from Trip Mega Mart are quite simple:

•  Clients will first have to book a consultation with the company and then they will be given some white label travel portal development formats to browse through

•  The client will pick the features and designs they like, they can also pay for extra customizations

•   Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites that are generally quite affordable, extra customizations are accrue only minor extra costs

•   Finally, the completed and customized website is delivered to the client in around a week’s time

•  The client will also get a year of free support service from Trip Mega Mart. Once the free support period is over however, clients will have to pay 15% of the website cost every year as a mandatory maintenance fee for continuity of the services they offer on their site

Why do travel business owners choose Trip Mega Mart?

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are scalable websites that can operate regionally, locally or even internationally depending on client preferences. The sites are compatible with most devices and browsers and save clients the hassle of buying multiple applications. Trip Mega Mart also offers business owners a number of admin controls to moderate the content on their site without having to resort to coding changes.

All these features make Trip Mega Mart travel portal development very lucrative for business owners, but it is actually the customer-facing features of Trip Mega Mart sites that make them the best in the market.

•  Trip Mega Mart sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This means that customers can use these sites to buy tickets or hotel rooms from a number of airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. They do not have to visit separate sites to compare prices, all the real time, updated information is available to them in a compact form on one single website.

•  Trip Mega Mart uses the best API supplier available in the market and uses it to run car rental systems and holiday package systems as well.

•  The sites even come with an in-built payment gateway that can process payments quickly and securely using a wide variety of payment methods. Most popular third-party payment gateways can also be very easily integrated with Trip Mega Mart sites if the business owner wants to give their customers even more flexibility.

•  Trip Mega Mart sites are designed by a team of highly skilled UI-UX designers who create an intuitive and user-friendly experience that will be appealing to most users.

•  The visuals of the sites are also well planned, with different color, font and layout choices which the client can make to turn their website into a fully unique creation targeted towards their ideal customer profile

•  Before delivery the business name and the business logo of the client’s brand is added to the site to give it a fully independent existence

Trip Mega Mart provides amateur entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to enter the business world with a low-risk, high-reward business model suited to the present world’s customer preferences. So, book your Trip Mega Mart appointment today and join the happy club of successful Trip Mega Mart clients.

Posted on 15-Jan-2024

Travel Portal Development in Kenya