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How B2B and B2C Travel Portal Boost Your Business

How B2b And B2c Travel Portal Boost Your Business

Managing travel business on portals has become a common thing for agents who want their business to grow effectively. Portals offer several reasons to anyone who wishes to start online travel business agency.

An online business needs a platform that customers can locate easily. It also needs to support the latest technologies so that the users can have a seamless experience in navigating through the website. Both B2B and B2C portals are capable of accelerating the growth of your business. They have features that can make your business expand to a large extent. 

Features of Portals

Operating your travel business from a portal requires the platform to have certain necessary features.

Real Time Data

Integrating your portal to a flight & hotel central reservation system is one of the important features that you can have for your portal. Trip Mega Mart and other skilled portal development companies can let you access availability reports on a real time basis. You can let your customers have the most updated information on what airlines or hotels are accepting bookings.

Map Integration

This is another feature that makes portals extremely useful. The integration of maps can allow you to provide accurate location details to customers. They can view hotels available in the same area and compare prices. They can also locate desired services in specific areas and purchase products that meet their requirements.

Payment Gateways

Travelers can not only book services instantly but can also pay for them through reliable platforms built by experts. Trip Mega Mart is one such experienced travel technology company that can build reliable gateways on your portal. You can allow travelers to save their card details for easy purchases in the future.

How to Create B2B & B2C Travel Website/Portal?

Setting up a travel portal requires some important considerations.

1.  Product - There are many options of travel products that you can pick for business. For instance, you can opt for a car rental system and provide rental services to customers. But your product must have some connection with your niche as this would increase the chances of your success in the business.

2.  Domain - Decide whether you want to operate as a B2B agent or a B2C agent. Many factors depend on the kind of domain you select for your business, such as the travel website/portal development cost. Domain selection also helps you to gain clarity on the kind of customers you want for your business.

3.  Marketing - Making your business visible on crucial marketplaces is important for the recognition and success of your business. A lot of this becomes easy with portals due to their presence on the internet. Customers can look up for details on your company on the internet. They can also refer to reviews and gain more understanding of your services.

4.  Developers - Hiring a good travel website/portal development company is vital for the success of your online business. You can have a hard time managing transactions unless you have an efficient portal. Companies that understand this, like Trip Mega Mart, keep their focus on building a quality portal with a good interface so that agents can execute their business properly.

How B2B and B2C Travel Portal Boost Your Business?

Portals can have many different benefits for travel businesses.

Easy Marketing

Travel portals are a great platform to gain visibility for your business. Whenever travelers pay a visit to your portal, you get an opportunity to showcase your products to them. You can post on your portal all essential details related to your services so that customers can know them without having to make any inquiry. With every transaction occurring on your portal, you can gain an understanding of what products are in demand. You can easily promote the products on your portal and sell them with minimum effort.

Multiple Choices

Portals allow you to choose from a diverse range of products to make part of your business. You can focus on single services by collaborating with hotel suppliers, or can opt for different products and offer a holiday package system.

Better Service

Portals provide you with ample opportunities to improve your services. You can, for instance, maintain an uninterrupted interaction with customers using email and chat services. Instead of keeping customers on long call queues, you can address their issues with these modes of communication. Trip Mega Mart can install chatbots on your portal. With chat and other quick platforms of communication, you can reduce sales drops and keep customers engaged on your website.

Developing a B2B or B2C portal can have benefits like these and more for your travel business. Hiring a professional web developer, such as Trip Mega Mart, will let you conduct your business effectively on the online market. With a well-designed portal, you can market your brand and earn customers to the best possible extent.

Posted on 10-Dec-2018

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