How can Travel Agencies Tap into the Travel Market


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The travel market is a huge and vast one. There are multiple geographies. Multiple travel services and innumerable travel segments. People travel for various reasons. Business, leisure, education, tourism, medical tourism, sporting events, political travel, dignitary travel, professional services travel, conference travel, and the list goes on.

A travel agency can cater to all types of travels or a certain set of travel services. But when starting off, it is a good option to start niche travel services. As an example, medical tourism is a niche market that a travel agency can explore to start travel agency online. A travel agency can specialize in helping patients seek appointments in other countries. They can assist patients in booking hotels, accommodations, car rentals, and also go on short tours in the country.

But there’s a problem - although all of this sounds idealistic, there are very few travel agencies that can provide truly customized tours. Here is where travel agencies that used Trip Mega Mart portals made a huge difference. Not only were they able to provide curated tours, but they were able to expand their services. They were able to add on more travel services to their already expanding list of services.

How can travel agencies tap into the travel market?

Using Trip Mega Mart travel portals

Travel agencies can use ready-made portals for a start. They can deploy these portals and start churning out business. This type of approach is recommended for travel agencies who are starting out. It allows travel agencies to perform a litmus test on the desired market. They can later extend the capabilities of the portals based on the demand and supply for the features. Each feature could correspond to a type of service.

A flight & hotel API integration feature pertains to a flight and hotel booking service. This integration can augment an existing flight booking engine and hotel booking engine of the travel portal. Likewise, the travel portal can have features pertaining to airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, holiday package system, car rental system, flight & hotel central reservation system.

Use Trip Mega Mart consulting

Trip Mega Mart is more than a travel website/portal development company, travel mobile application development company that can build digital assets at low travel website/portal development cost. There is also a consulting practice. The consulting practice will help companies to map feature development to travel services. Travel agencies can build digital assets to cater to travel segments and thereby enter the travel market.

Trip Mega Mart can help businesses preparing to start travel business online with the requisite tools, business processes, software, and technology. Using low cost white label travel portal development, travel agencies can start to tap into travel markets that they might have not originally planned.


Trip Mega Mart can help airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, travel agencies, and travel agents to start small and slowly build their businesses. Using technology, travel agencies can fine-tune their business strategy. They can change their roadmaps without incurring business expenses. They can easily enter new and untapped markets.

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