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Travel Portal Development and Travel Portal Development Company

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Most people love to travel and experience new places. But many are not able to turn their dreams into reality because of the difficult involved in planning the logistics of long-distance travel. But travel agencies help solve this problem for all their customers. Tourists can book flights and hotels and rent cars in foreign and unfamiliar countries through the help of a travel agency business. Physical travel agencies with their offices at specific locations are however now going extinct. Online travel portal solutions are now taking over the market. They offer customers a very wide variety of options to choose from while allowing them the convenience of planning their trip right from home with the click of a few buttons.

Travel portal design and development company

Trip Mega Mart is one of the most reputed travel portal development companies now operating worldwide. They are specialized in providing white label travel portals. White label portals are like the generic frameworks for building a fully functional travel portal. This framework is customized for individual business owners and provides a cheaper and faster alternative to developing a brand new website.

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development includes flight and hotel API integration. This means that the portals use the service of a top rated API service provider to run real time flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. These engines collect data from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and display them in a compact format making the task of customers much easier. There is no need for customers to now go through the cumbersome process of opening multiple different web pages and tabs to compare prices across suppliers.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software can include holiday package systems and car rental systems as well. Payment for all these services is collected through a payment portal that is built into Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions. The payment portal has encryption layers for customer safety and is designed to be responsive and easy to use. Popular third-party payment portals can also be integrated with Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals for a wider range of payment option availability.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal development offers business owners the complete freedom to choose the scale of operations for their business. The same portal can be scaled up from only local level customer access to worldwide international customer access. To ensure that the business owner gets to reach out to the largest number of customers, Trip Mega Mart portals are also optimized for all kinds of devices and browsers.

Another major business-owner friendly feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company is their focus on admin access. These admin accesses allow portal owners to update and modify the information or images displayed on their portal after the website goes live. But the best part is that no software coding knowledge is necessary to utilize any of the admin access controls.

How to create B2B and B2C travel portal with attractive design

Trip Mega Mart travel portals all come with attractive and unique designs. Some business owners worry that a white label website will come with a very generic design. But in reality Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are all fully customized. Each portal is delivered after adding the business name and logo of the purchasing business. But not only that, clients can work with the skilled designers at Trip Mega Mart to come up with interesting design elements for their website and modify the colours, fonts and layout of the front-end. This is done to make the website more appealing to the ideal customer profiles of the specific business. Websites that have their own authentic look are also much easier to advertise and market with the opportunity to build instant brand recognition.

But the most important task of Trip Mega Mart web designers is to make the user-interface simple and easy to use. This means that maximum number of people will be able to use the website intuitively and this ease of usage is very important for long-term sustainability and success of any online enterprise.

How to set up travel start-up online business with low investment

As a general rule of thumb white label portals are much cheaper than the full-fledged website development process for a brand new travel portal. White label portal owners also get to avoid the infrastructural costs involved with setting up a physical travel agency office. A white label travel portal can be run simply from home.

But even in comparison with industry standards in the white label travel portal development sector, services are quite affordable. They offer flexible pricing with different development plans. Each plan has its own set of functions and customizations. Modifications can be made to the plan for small extra charges. It is also very affordable to integrate individual travel agent portals into a travel business website.

Trip Mega Mart travel website development cost is small and it is a great low-investment business plan for start-ups with high return prospects. But there is an annual fee for all Trip Mega Mart customers. This maintenance cost is 25% yearly of the basic website development plan price.

So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has the skills to market and develop and brand identity? Then a white label travel portal may be the perfect business opportunity for you. Call Trip Mega Mart now and start your business journey today.

Posted on 14-May-2018

Travel Portal Development