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Why Travel Website Development or Travel Portal Solution is Mandatory for Travel Agencies

Why Travel Website Development Or Travel Portal Solution Is Mandatory For Travel Agencies.png

Anyone who wishes to start online travel business agency needs a new-age tool that can help in keeping up with the fierce competition that exists in the industry. This is why agents turn to portals.

Travel portals allow agents to showcase their services to travelers as well as other travel service providers. This means you can work as a B2B agent as well as a B2C agent. Portals make it extremely easier for starting businesses. You can witness a substantial growth of your business using travel portals. You can enjoy a lot many advantages with travel portals that you can with the offline platforms.

Types of Portals, There are different categories of portals that you can use for your travel business. Depending on the business module, portals can be of two types.

  • B2B - these are platforms where business meets business. If you want to sell products to companies or providers of travel services, then you can opt for a B2B portal. These serve as a marketplace for connecting to potential customers. You can, for instance, partner with hotel suppliers and host their inventory on your B2B portal. This gives the hotel owners the opportunity to reach out to several travelers, while allowing you to earn a good commission.
  • B2C - if you want to target travelers as your customers, then B2C portal is what you will need. These portals are built by experts like Trip Mega Mart that ensures your portal is capable of offering all the features that travelers demand. You can use these portals for GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration and provide hotel room booking and airline ticket booking services to customers.

Why Travel Website Development or Travel Portal Solution is Mandatory for Travel Agencies? Travel portals can play a crucial role in the expansion of your travel business.

  • Global Presence
    Being available on the internet, travel portals give you the opportunity to make your business visible across locations. You can reach out to travelers on different corners and sell your products far and wide. Trip Mega Mart can help you build your portal in multiple languages. You can move beyond language barriers to gain more customers as well as better revenues.
  • Cost Friendly
    Executing and managing your travel business can get extremely cost effective with portals. By opting for a white label travel portal development, you can save money and time on developing the portal from point zero. White labels are created by third parties who allow you to sell products using your company label. This means you can start off your business in less time and reach greater heights with the vast number of features that travel portals can offer.
  • Easy Scaling
    You can add or remove products from your business easily with travel portals. Assessing the market trends, you can opt for a flight & hotel central reservation system on your portal. You can also make changes, if found necessary, to opt out of any product without changing the domain.

Features of Travel Agency Software
Travel portals have many interesting features that you can customize and use for your business.

  • Bulk Email
    You can communicate with your customers and provide them with various information over emails. Using the feature of bulk emails, you can send updates to customers on your upcoming holiday package system, latest price deals, any new addition to your existing services, and other important news. This form of email marketing can give you more chances of finding potential buyers. Customers who buy travel products from you can also opt for communication over emails and SMS. You can provide them with booking details and e-tickets through messages and emails. You can also send customers with notifications on cancelled services.
  • Dashboard
    It is important that your travel portal has dashboards for agents and customers where they can login separately and check their details. Separate dashboards organize the system and help customers as well the admin to manage transactions better. Hiring a good travel website/portal development company, such as Trip Mega Mart, will allow you to integrate this useful feature on your portal. You can let customers access their booking history from the customer dashboard. You can post important news and updates on their dashboard. Similarly, you can view all your business developments on the admin dashboard.
  • 24×7 Support
    Another feature that your portal must have is constant support and communication with the customers. Staying connected with customers at all times allows maintaining the flow of customers. Using the services of web developers like Trip Mega Mart, you can use chats, which is the faster mode of communication, to resolve customer queries.

So, to start travel agency online, you can rely on travel portals when built by skilled professionals like Trip Mega Mart. With a productive portal, you can grow your business and achieve all important business goals in much less time than an offline platform.

Posted on 24-Jun-2024

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